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PC 126
Marina Tolmachëva Photographs, Postcards, Filmstrips, and Slides from Europe and Asia

Ritual gate and wall at the former royal palace in Ulan Baator, Mongolia.

Marina Tolmachëva's collection of personal photographs and purchased postcards, flimstrips, and slides were donated to MASC at the WSU Libraries in 2003, and processed by Mark O'English in that same year and in May, 2009.

Number of Containers: 5
Number of Images: 2300


Marina Tolmachëva was a Professor of History and Director of the Asia Program at Washington State University. In 1998-2005 Tolmachëva served the WSU College of Liberal Arts as Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs. A specialist in medieval Arab history and Islamic civilization, she authored and co-authored several books, contributed chapters to several more, and published over 50 articles. Her research explored the works of medieval Arab geographers and travelers, among them the famous Ibn Battuta. Tolmachëva wrote about the ancient heritage of Arabic geography and cartography, especially Ptolemy's Geography, and researched the pilgrimage and travel in the pre-modern Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. She also published on Muslim women and on Islamic historiography of Africa and Central Asia.

Tolmachëva received her undergraduate degree with distinction from St. Petersburg University and Ph.D. in History from the Russian Academy of Sciences. A recipient of numerous grants and fellowships, Tolmachëva traveled to the Middle East and Asia from 1964 forward and served as lecturer and interpreter on more than 20 travel tours. In 1998 she was Visiting Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. In 2003 Tolmacheva was awarded the Honorary Professorship by the Institute of Eastern Languages and Cultures of the National Pedagogical University of Kyrgyzstan.


Marina Tolmachëva's collection consists of 2300 images from Europe and Asia, dating from the 1950s to 2000s. They are primarily either personal photographs or commercially marketed images produced and purchased in the areas they're portraying.

The collection is arranged in five separate series, each based upon image format. Series 1 consists of 4x6 photographs, plus negatives and CDs containing digital versions of them; these are arranged chronologically. Series 2 is sets of Russian educational filmstrips. Series 3 consists of commercial postcard sets, produced in the area covered; these are arranged by area of coverage. Series 4 contains commercially produced slides, again produced in the area covered, and again these are arranged by area of coverage, with a small amount of non-area-specific materials at the end. Series 5 consists of Russian stereoscopic slides. Series 6 is made up of 48 individual photographs, of a large size, previously used as a display; these are maintained in their original order/numbering.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.


The suggested citation for the collection is:

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Marina Tolmachëva Images of Europe and Asia, 1955-1996 (PC 126)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


Selected images from Series 1 and Series 6 (images taken by Dr. Tolmachëva herself) of this collection can be found by searching for TOLMACHEVA in MASC's World Civilizations collection of digital images.


English, Russian, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Arabic.

Box Folder Description # of
Series 1: Photographs
Each set in this series consists of from 25 to 40 4x6 photographs, one sheet showing all images, one CD containing all the images, and strips of negatives.
11China -- Fengdu. Jan. 22-23, 2003
2China -- Fengdu. Jan. 23, 2003
3China -- Fengdu. Jan. 23, 2003
4China -- Daning River & Wushan. Jan. 23, 2003
5China -- Daning River & Three Gorges Dam. Jan. 23-24, 2003
6China -- Shanghai. Jan. 25, 2003
7Lebanon -- Beirut (with Milan, Italy). Feb. 28 - Mar. 3, 2003
8Lebanon -- Beirut (With Aleppo, Syria). Mar. 3-5, 2003
9Lebanon -- Damascus. Mar. 9, 2003
10Lebanon -- Beirut & Sidon. Mar. 11, 2003
11Lebanon -- Sidon & Tyre. Mar. 12, 2003
12Lebanon -- Beirut. Mar. 13, 2003
13Lebanon -- Marissa-Jeita Grotto. Mar. 13-14, 2003
14Lebanon -- Byblos. Mar. 14, 2003
15Lebanon -- Baalbek (with Milan, Italy). Mar. 15-16, 2003
16Russia -- St. Petersburg (no negatives). May 1, 2003
17Russia -- St. Petersburg (no negatives). May 1, 2003
18Russia -- Moscow. May 3, 2003
19Russia -- Moscow (with Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). May 3-7, 2003
20Kyrgyzstan -- Bishkek. May 8-10, 2003
21Kyrgyzstan -- Bishkek. May 10-12, 2003
22Kyrgyzstan -- Bishkek. May 12-13, 2003
23Kyrgyzstan -- Bishkek. May 13-14, 2003
Series 2: Filmstrips
Russian diafilms- educational filmstrips
A.Filmstrip viewer. (NOTE: damaged- using this to view filmstrips will damage them!)
1Miunkhauzen verkhom na iadre. Miunkhauzen on the cannon ball. Children's. Color, 50 frames. 1958
2Liubimov, Lesnoi match. Contemporary animal fairy tale in verse. Color, 40 frames. 1955
3Khalif-aist. V. Gauf. Caliph turned stork. Color, 45 frames +1 1968
4Kak miauka sebe druga ishal. How the kitten looked for a friend. Color, 30 frames. 1972
5Mukha tsokotukha. K. Chukorskii. Rhymed tale. Color, 40 frames. 1968
6Federino goze. K. Chukorskii. Fedora's misfortune (comic verse). Color, 45 frames. 1963 or 1968
7Znamenityi utenok Tim. Beighton? Duckling Tim. Blaiton / Russian version by Suteer. Color, 40 frames. 1971
8Chukorskii - Aibolit - verse. (damaged by filmscape). Color, 50 frames. 1961
9Masha i medved. Masha and the Bear. Russian folk tale. B/W, 35 frames. 1961?
10Mashai i medved. Masha and the Bear. Russian folk tale. B/W, 35 + 1 frames. Slides copied from filmstrip. 1961?
Series 3: Postcard Sets
Subseries 3.1: China
21Ghost City - Feng Du
   Back cover: Map of Feng Du
   The emperor's hall
   The God palace
   The gate of hell
   Naibe bridge
   The world's nether office street
   Acrobatics show
2Ghost City - Fengdu
   The emperor in Fengdu
   Feng Du City
   The God palace and the Heavenly Road
   The goddess of mekcy in south sea
   The Hell Emperor Temple
   The Memorial Archway
   Nai He Bridge
   Statue of the greaest ghost
   Sunrise of the ghost city
   Ying-si Streets memorial archway
3The Maps of Old Shanghai
   The branch drawing of American concession area in Shanghai (1917)
   The branch drawing of English concession area in Shanghai (1917)
   The branch drawing of new French concession area in Shanghai (1917)
   The circuit diagram of Pudong Electricity and Steam Company (1942)
   The complete map of Shanghai concession areas (1898)
   The detail drawing of the central section of public concession area (1931)
   The drawing of land-value district of Shanghai (1944)
   The map of the addresses of the stars (1946)
   The route map of the trolley car (1942)
   The sketch of mailing distribution of Shanghai (1945)
4The Three Gorges on the Yangtze River
   Ancient plank road high up the precipice
   Chains of peaks
   Clouds in the Wu Gorge
   Qutang Gorge
   The Cobbles of Three Gorges
   Sennu peak
   Three gorges is being built
   Wu Gorge
   Wuduo Bridge
   Xinin Gorge
Subseries 3.2: Russia
Subseries 3.2.1: Moscow
5Novodevichy Convent
   Front cover: Novodevichy Convent
   Back cover: Novodevichy Convent, view from the north-west
   Novodevichy Convent. View from the north-east.
   Bell tower. 1689-1690. View form the east.
   Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. 1524-1525. View from the east.
   Frescoes on the columns and vaults of the Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. 16th century. Detail.
   Church of Assumption. 1685-1688. View from the north-east.
   Interior of the Church of the Dormition. 17th-20th centuries. General view.
   Infirmary. 17th century. Porch. 20th century.
   Necropolis. 19th-early of the 20th century. Gravestones of S.M. Solovyov and A.N. Pleshcheev.
   Over-the-Gate Church of the Transfiguration. 1687-1688. View from the north-east.
   Over-the-Gate Church of the Transfiguration. Interior. Iconostasis. Late of the 17th century.
   The Prokhorovs Chapel. Interior. Chrisit Pantocrator. Mosaic. Early of the 20th century.
   Family burial vault of the merchants Prokhorov. 1911. In the background is the Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. View from the north.
   St. Ambrose's Church, the Refectory, and Tsarina Godunova's Palace Chambers. 16th-17th centuries. View from the south-east.
   Tzarevna Maria Alexeyevna's Palace Chambers. 16th century. Over-the-Gate Church of the Protecting Veil. 1863-1888. View from the north-east.
   Tsarevna Sophia's Palace Chambers. Naprudnaya (Over-the-Pond) Tower. 16th-17th centuries. View from the south-west.
6Palace Churches of the Great Kremlin Hall
   1. Church of the Crucifixion (Exaltation of the Cross). The Saviour Wearing a Crown of Thorns, 1862. Painter Vassili Poznansky
   2. Church of the Crucifixion (Exaltation of the Cross). Icon Christ Before Pilate, 1862. Painter Vassili Poznansky
   3. Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Voskresenie Slovushcheye). Chandelier, Germany, mid-17th century
   4. Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Voskresenie Slovushcheye). Holy Door, 1678-79. Woodcarver Kim Mikhailov
   5. Upper Cathedral of the Saviour. Refectory. The Iberian Icon of the Mother of God, 1677. Painters Grigori Zinovyev and Sergei Rozhkov
   6. Upper Cathedral of the Saviour. Side Chapel of St. John the Baptist. Iconostasis, 19th century; icons, 17th and 19th centuries; wall painting, 19th century; silver chandelier, Germany, mid-17th century
   7. Upper Cathedral of the Saviour. Icon St. Theodore Stratilates, 1677. Painter Fyodor Zubov; silver-gilt mounting by Danila Kuzmin and Nikifor Pscenichny, 1678
   8. Upper Cathedral of the Saviour. Iconostasis, 18th century; icons, 1670s; silver panels, turn of the 19th century
   9. Upper Cathedral of the Saviour. Vault Painting, composition The Image of the Saviour Not-Made-with-Hands and the Hosts of Heaven, late 17th century
   10. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Refectory. Wall-painting and a tiled stove, mid-19th century
   11. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Paternal icon The Nativity of the Virgin with Secnes from Her Life in the Margins, first half of the 17th century
   12. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Iconostasis, 19th century; icons, 17th and 19th centuries
7The Trinity-Sergius Laura
   Front cover: View from the south-east
   Back cover: The Cathedral of the Dormition, 1559-1585
   Panoramic, from the north-west. Plotnichnaya Tower, 17th century; the Bell-Tower, 1740-1770; Kalichya Gate-Tower, 1758-1778
   View from the south-east
   The Cathedral of the Dormition, 1559-1585
   The Cathedral of the Dormition, 1559-1582; the Bell-Tower, 1740-1770; the obelisk, 1792; Chapel-over-the-Well, Late 17th century
   The Cathedral of the Trinity, 1422, with the Chapel of St. Nicon, 1548. Reconstructed in 1623.
   The Chapel of St. Nicon, 1548; the Church of the Holy Ghost, 1476; the Refectory, 1685-1692
   the Church of the Holy Ghost, 1476
   The Gate-Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 1693-1699
   The Kalichya Tower, 1798
   The Refectory, 1686-1692 and the Mikheevskaya Church, 1734
   The Refectory, 1686-1692 and the Mikheevskaya Church, 1734
   The Tsar's Palace, late 17th century.
8Victory Memorial on Poklonnaya Hill
   Fragment of the main Victory Monument
   Fragment of the main Victory Monument
   Church of Great Martyr and Victory Bearer St. George. 1994-1995
   Interior view of the Church of Great Martyr and Victory Bearer St. George
   Iconostasis of the Church of Great Martyr and Victory Bearer St. George
   General view of the Introductory Hall of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War
   Sculpture <> in the Hall of Glory of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War
   Sculpture <> in the Hall of Glory of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War
   Monument <>
   Monument <>
   Exhibition of the air forces combat equipment in the Victory Park
   Exhibition of the ground forces combat equipment in the Victory Park
   Exhibition of naval combat equipment in the Victory Park
9Zagorsk Museum of History and Art: Gold and Silverwork in Old Russia
   Bratina Loving Cup and Dipper. Moscow, 16th century. Silver.
   Toasting Cup. Moscow, 1564. Silver.
   Diadem. Moscow, mid-16th century. Gold, precious stones, pearls.
   Crescent. Moscow, mid-16th century. Gold, precious stones, pearls.
   Chalice. Moscow, 1597. Gold, precious stones.
   Panagia. Moscow, late 16th or early 17th century. Gold, jasper, precious stones, pearls.
   Mounting of the Icon 'The Old Testament Trinity' by Andrei Rublev. Moscow, beetweem 16th and 18th centuries. Gold, silver, precious stones, pearls.
   Bowl and One-Handle Wine Cup. Solvychegodsk, late 17th century. Silver.
   One-Handle Wine Cups. Moscow, 17th century. Mother-of-pearl, jasper, cornelian, silver.
   Mitre. Moscow, 1674. Gold, silver, pearls, precious stones.
   Bratina Loving Cup. Moscow, between 1600 & 1633. Silver.
   Pectoral Icon Showing St. George (verso). Novgorod, 14th century. Silver, pearls, glass.
   Censer. Trinity-Sergius Monastery, 1405. Silver.
   Dippers. Novgorod, between 1428 and 1436; Moscow, first quarter of the 16th century. Silver.
   Chalice. Moscow, 1449. Goldsmith Ivan Fomin. Gold, marble.
   Triptych. Trinity-Sergius Monastery, 1456. Goldsmith Ambrose. Gold, walnut.
   The Gospels in Silvergilt Cover. Late 15th century. Silver, wood, paper, velvet.
   Spoon. Volokolamsk, late 15th or early 16th century. Silver.
Subseries 3.2.2: St. Petersburg
10Architecture of St. Petersburg - Leningrad
   12 untranslated postcards (titled in Russian)
11Cupolas of St. Petersburg
   1. Front Cover: St. Isaac's Cathedral.
   2. Back Cover: View of the Maritime St. Nicholas Cathedral (Kolomna).
   3. The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (The Saviour on the Blood).
   4. Kazan Cathedral.
   5. Alexander Nevsky Monastery.
   6. Belfry of the Maritime St. Nicholas Cathedral.
   7. St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral.
   8. Temple of St. Peter and St. Paul (Peterhof) .
   9. Chesmenskaja Church.
   10. The Church of the Starosmolenskoe Cemetery.
   11. Smolny Cathedral.
12The Halls of the Hermitage.
   The Golden Drawing Room
   The Room of French Art
   The Pavilion Hall
   The Leonardo da Vinci Room
   The Great Skylight Hall
   The Snyders Room
   The Gallery of Ancient Painting
   The Room of Ancient Sculpture
   On the cover:
   View of the Winter Palace
   The Jordan Staircase
13The Hermitage. French Painting of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries.
   1 Claude Monet. 1840-1926. Lady in the Garden at Sainte-Adresse. Ca 1886
   2 Edgar Degas. 1834-1917. Woman Combing Her Hair. Ca 1885
   3 Camille Pissarro, 1830-1903. Boulevard Montmartre. Afternoon Sun. 1897
   4 Auguste Renoir 1841-1919. Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary. 1878
   5 Alfred Sisley. 1839-1899. Village on the Seine. Villeneuve-la-Garenne. 1872
   6 Paul Gauguin. 1848-1903. Woman Holding a Fruit. 1893
   7 Vincent Van Gogh. 1853-1890. Ladies of Arles (Reminiscence of the Garden at Etten). 1888
   8 Paul cezanne. 1839-1906. Still Life with Curtain. Ca 1899
   9 Henri Rousseau. 1844-1910. In a Tropical Forest. Struggle between Tiger and Bull. 1908
   10 Pierre Bonnard. 1867-1947. Evening in Paris. 1911
   11 Henri Matisse. 1869-1954. The Painter's Family. 1911
   12 Albert Marquet. 1875-1947. Menton Harbour. Ca 1905
   13 Kees Van Dongen. 1877-1968. Lucy and Her Partner. Ca 1911
   14 Andre Derain. 1880-1954. Port in Le Havre. Ca 1905
   15 Maurice de Vlaminck, 1876-1958. Town on the Lake Shore. 1909
   16 Pablo Picasso. 1881-1973. Glassware (Still Life with a Porro). 1906
   Front cover: Henri Matisse. 1869-1954. The Red Room. 1908. Oil on canvas. 180 x 220 cm
   Back cover: Vincent Van Gogh. 1853-1890. Lilac Bush. 1889. Oil on canvas. 72 x 92 cm
14The Hermitage. Interiors.
   Front cover: The Winter Palace. The Peter the Great Room, or Small Throne Room
   Back cover: The Winter Palace. The Malachite Room
   The Raphael Loggias.
   The Hermitage Theatre. Auditorium.
   The New Hermitage. The Gallery of the History of Ancient Painting.
   The New Hermitage. The Hall of Twenty Columns.
   The New Hermitage. The Jupiter Hall.
   The New Hermitage. The Knights' Room.
   The New Hermitage. The Large Skylight Room.
   The New Hermitage. Tent-roofed Room (Room of Dutch Painting).
   The Old Hermitage. The Leonardo da Vinci Hall.
   The Small Hermitage. The Pavilion Hall.
   The Winter Palace. Boudoir.
   The Winter Palace. The Gallery of the Patriotic War of 1812.
   The Winter Palace. The Gold Drawing-room.
   The Winter Palace. The Jordan Staircase.
   The Winter Palace. The St. George Hall, or Large Throne Hall.
   The Winter Palace. The White Hall.
15The Hermitage. Treasures of Art.
   1 Statuette of a youth walking. 15th century B.C. Thebes.
   2 Stag (Decoration of a shield). Early 6th century B.C.
   3 Heracles Throttling the Nemean Lion. Roman copy after an original by Lysippus. 4th century B.C.
   4 Leonardo da Vinci. 1452-1519. Madonna and Child (The Litta Madonna)
   5 Lucas Cranach the Elder. 1472-1553 Portrait of a Woman. 1526.
   6 Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. 1606-1669. Danae. 1636.
   7 Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. 1606-1669. The Return of the Prodigal Son. 1668-69.
   8 Peter Paul Roberts. 1577-1640. Portrait of a Lady-in-Waiting to the Infanta Isabella. Ca 1625.
   9 Francisco de Zurbaran. 1598-1664. The Girlhood of the Virgin. Ca 1660
   10 Jan van Huysum. 1682-1749. Flowers.
   11 Gold watches on chatelaines, decorated with precious stones. France, Switzerland. 18th century.
   12 Service decorated with cameos. 1778. France, Sevres Manufactory
   13 Desk clock: kitchen. Mid 18th century Paris, France. By Jacques Caffieri (1678-1755)
   14 Hans von Marees. 1837-1887. The Grotto Court at the Residenz in Munich.
   15 Paul Gauguin. 1948-1903. Sacred Spring. 1894
   16 Pierre Auguste Renoir. 1841-1919 Child with a Whip. 1885
   Front cover: Venus of Taurida. Roman copy after a Greek original. 3rd century B.C. Marble. Height 167 cm
   Back cover: Paul Cezanne. 1839-1906. Fruit. 1879-82. Oil on canvas. 45 x 54 cm
16The Hermitage. Western European Painting.
   1 Rogier Van Der Weyden. Ca 1400-1464. The Netherlands. St Luke Painting the Virgin. Oil on canvas (transferred from panel). 102.5 x 108.5 cm
   2 Gerard David. Ca 1460-1523. The Netherlands. The Virgin Embracing the Dead Christ. Oil on panel. 36 x 44.5 cm
   3 El Greco. 1541-1614. Spain. The Apostles Peter and Paul. Between 1587 and 1592. Oil on canvas. 121.5 x 105 cm
   4 Caravaggio. 1571-1610. Italy. The Lute-Player. Ca 1595. Oil on canvas. 94 x 119 cm
   5 Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn. 1606-1669. Holland. Flora. 1664. Oil on canvas. 125 x 101 cm
   6 Jacob Jordaens. 1593-1678. Flanders. The Bean King. 1638. Oil on canvas. 157 x 211 cm
   7 Peter Paul Rubens. 1577-1640. Flanders. Roman Charity. Ca 1612. Oil on canvas. 140.5 x 180.3 cm
   8 Peter Paul Rubens. 1577-1640. Flanders. The Union of Earth and Water. Ca 1618. Oil on canvas. 222.5 x 180.5 cm
   9 Frans Snyders. 1579-1657. Flanders. Fish Shop. Oil on canvas. 209.5 x 341 cm
   10 Anthony Van Dyck. 1599-1641. Flanders. Portrait of Philadelphia and Elizabeth Wharton. 1630s. Oil on canvas. 162 x 130 cm
   11 Peeter de Hooch. 1629 - after 1684. Holland. Mistress and Maid. Ca 1660. Oil on canvas. 53 x 42 cm
   12 Antoine Watteau. 1684-1721. France. A Capricious Woman. Ca 1718. Oil on canvas. 42 x 34 cm
   13 Frnacois Boucher. 1703-1770. France. Pastoral Scene. Oil on canvas. 61 x 75 cm
   14 Joshua Reynolds. 1723-1792. England. Cupid Untying the Girdle of Venus. 1788. Oil on canvas. 127.5 x 101 cm
   15 Thomas Gainsborough. 1727-1788. England. Portrait of a Lady in Blue. Late 1770s. Oil on canvas. 76 x 64 cm
   16 George Morland. 1763-1804. England. The Approaching Storm. 1791. Oil on canvas. 85 x 117 cm
   Front cover. Raphael. 1483-1520. Italy. The Conestabile Madonna. 1502-03. Tempera on canvas (transferred from panel). 17.5 x 18 cm
   Back cover. Georg Flegel. 1566-1638. Germany. Still Life with Flowers and Food. Oil on panel. 52.5 x 41 cm
17Leningrad (St. Petersburg)
   9 untranslated postcards (titled in Russian)
18Leningrad (St. Petersburg)
   9 untranslated postcards (titled in Russian)
19Mariinsky (Kirov) Theatre
   The Mariinsky Theatre audience.
   P.I.Tchaikovsky. Pique Dame. A scene from opera.
   Scene from Swan Lake.
   Diana Vishneva. Don Quixote.
   Julia Makhalina and Makharbek Vaziev. Scheherazade.
   Ulyana Lopatkina. Swan Lake.
   Faroukh Ruzimatov. Corsar.
   Anastasia Volochkova and Victor Baranov. Giselle.
20The St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress
   1. The Whole Panorama of the St. Peter & St. Paul Fortress.
   2. The St. Peter's Gate.
   3. The Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul.
   4. The Interior of the Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul. /A Fragment/.
   5. The Iconostasis of the Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul. /A Fragment/.
   6. Peter the Great's Tombstone.
   7. The Commandant's House.
   8. The Room of the Commandant's House.
   9. The St. Peter & St. Paul Fortress from the river Neva.
   Front Cover: [St. Peter & St. Paul Fortress at night.]
   Back Cover: [Detail of the Iconostasis of the Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul.]
21St. Peter's Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography
   1. Pandanus-leaf screen with leather appliques and mother-of-pearl inlaid work. 19th century. Molucca Islands.
   2. Armour. 19th century. Wood, chamois leather. Alaska. Tlingit
   3. Implements: adzes of stone and shells, knives of bone, and scrapers of shells. 19th century. New Guinea. Papuans.
   4. Carved board and a drum. 19th century. Wood. New Guinea. Papuans.
   5. Hunter's headgear. 19th century. Painted wood with carved bone plates and figures of walrus tusk. Aleuts.
   6. Bowl in the shape of a bird. 19th century. Wood decorated with mother-of-pearl inlaid work. Melanesia. Solomon Islands.
   7. Ritual mask. 19th century. Painted wood. Alaska. Eskimoes.
   8. Statue of a deity. 18th-19th centuries. Wood. Polynesia. Tahities.
   9. Female worship figures. 19th century. Walrus tusk. Alaska. Eskimo.
   10. Carved worship board. Middle of the 20th century. Painted wood. Indonesia. Papuans.
   11. Puppets of the Javanese puppet-show Vayang-golek. 19th century. Wood. Western Java. Sundanese.
   12. Statue of Ravana. 19th century. Painted wood. Bali Island.
22St. Petersburg
   1. Front cover: Equestrian Statue of Peter the Greate (The Bronze Horseman).
   2. View of the embankment of Fontanka river.
   3. The Admiralty.
   4. St. Isaac's Cathedral.
   5. Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir.
   6. View of Peter and Paul Fortress.
   7. Triumphal (Alexander) Column.
   8. Sampsonievsky Cathedral.
   9. Church of the Holy Trinity.
   10. Back Cover.: View of Vasilyevsky Island Point.
   11. The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (The Saviour on the Blood).
23St. Petersburg at Night
   Front cover: The Palace Square
   1. Back Cover: The Statue of Peter the Great (The Bronze horseman)
   2. The Mikhailovsky Palace
   3. View at the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island
   4. View of St. Nicholas Cathedral (Kolomna)
   5. The Smolny Cathedral
   6. The Narvsky Gates
   7. The Admiralty
   8. St. Isaac's Cathedral
   9. View of St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress
   10. The Mikhailovsky Castle (The Engineers' Castle)
   11. View of St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress
Subseries 3.2.3: Miscellaneous
24The Romanov Dynasty
   Fyodor Nikitich Romanov (Filaret), 1554/55-1633. Ruler of Russia 1619-1633.
   Mikhail Fyodorovich, 1596-1645. Tsar 1613-1645.
   Alexei Mikhailovich (the Quiet), 1629-1676. Tsar 1645-1676.
   Feodor Alexeyevich, 1661-1682. Tsar 1676-1682.
   Ioann V Alexeyevich, 1666-1696. Tsar 1682-1696.
   Sofija Alexeyevna, 1657-1704. Ruler Of Russia 1682-1689.
   Peter I Alexeyevich (the Great), 1672-1735. Tsar and Emperor 1682-1725.
   Catherine I Alexeyevna, 1684-1727. Empress 1725-1727.
   Peter II Alexeyevich, 1715-1730. Emperor 1727-1730.
   Anna Ioannovna, 1693-1740. Empress 1730-1740.
   Ioann VI Antonovich, 1740-1764. Emperor 1740-1741.
   Elizabeth Petrovna, 1709-1761. Empress 1741-1761.
   Peter III Fyodorovich, 1728-1762. Emperor 1761-1762.
   Catherine II Alexeyevna (the Great), 1729-1796. Empress 1762-1796.
   Paul I Petrovich, 1754-1801. Emperor 1796-1801.
   Alexander I Pavlovich, 1777-1825. Emperor 1801-1825.
   Nicholas I Pavlovich, 1796-1855. Emperor 1825-1855.
   Alexander II, Nikolayevich (the Liberator), 1818-1881. Emperor 1855-1881.
   Alexander III Aleksandrovich (the Peace-maker), 1845-1894. Emperor 1881-1894.
   Nicholas II Aleksandrovich, 1868-1918. Emperor 1894-1917.
   Coat of Arms of the House of Romanov. Designed by a court counsellor Berngard fon Kene in 1856.
   Stabe Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire. Feb. 23, 1883 - Feb. 3, 1917.
Series 4: Commercial Slides
31France -- Strasbourg, Alsace -- Cathedrale Notre-Dame30
2   Alexandrovskaya Sloboda15
3   Borodino12
4   Gatchina12
5   Kolomna12
6   Kostroma24
7   Lomonosov7
8   Mari ASSR12
9   Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake25
10      Moscow25
11      Bolshoi Theatre of USSR24
12      Kremlin Museum Collection - Coaches & Carriages12
13      Moscow Museum of the Art of the Peoples of the East23
14      Rublev Museum24
15      Tretyakov Gallery48
16   Novgorod24
17   Pavlovsk24
18   Pereslavl-Zalessky12
19   Pskov24
20   Solovetskiye Islands12
   St. Petersburg
21      Leningrad's grillwork12
22      Russian Museum18
23      Russian Museum -- Old Russian Painting23
24   Uglich12
25   Vladimir12
26   Yasnay Polyana - Tolstoy Museum24
427Saudi Arabia36
29Tajikistan -- Dushanbe22
30Turkmenistan -- Ashkabad19
Art and Artists
31      Dionysius (artist)12
32      Bartolomeo Rastrelli (architect)12
33      Nicholas Roerich (artist)24
34      Konstantin Somov (painter)12
35      Vasily Surikov (artist)13
36      Gzhel (Russia) porcelain24
37      Mixed Russian paintings10
38      Old Russian Miniature24
39      Patriotic War (Russian) of 181224
40      Rostov-Suzdal (Russia) Icons10
41      Russian Icons. New discoveries.20
42   Miscellaneous7
Series 5: Commercial Stereo Slides (Russia)
43Suzdal Architecture20
Series 6: Oversized photographs
48 individual images taken by Tolmachëva, mounted for display, with descriptive text on backs.
51Tibetan-style Buddhist temple, Erdeni-Dzu monastery. (1983)
2Old Gandaan temple. Ulan Baator, Mongolia. (1983)
3Archaeological site in northern Mongolia (1966).
4Contemporary shamanistic site on a hilltop in central Mongolia (1977).
5Call to prayer: the New Gandaan temple. Ulan Baator, Mongolia. (1978)
6Mongol woman in traditional dress. Hujirt, Mongolia (1978)
7Ritual gate and wall at the former royal palace in Ulan Baator, Mongolia. (1978)
8Chinese-style stone tortoise at Karakorum, Mongolia. (1983)
9Desert air strip in the Gobi, Mongolia. (1977).
10Milking a mare at a horse farm on the Mongolian steppe. (1978)
11Tile decoration in arabesque style. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (1978)
12Tillakari medrese fully restored. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (1983)
13Tillakari medrese in 1942 painted by the artist V.A. Favorsky. Tashkent Art Museum, Uzbekistan. (1978)
14Samarkand monuments in the 1920s painted by the artist R.K. Zimmer. Tashkent Art Museum, Uzbekistan. (1978)
15Shah-i Zinda mausoleum complex (Timurid) in the process of restoration. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (1978)
16Shah-i Zinda mausoleum complex: restored Timurid tilework. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (1978)
17Shah-i Zinda mausoleum complex: restored dome and tilework. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (1978)
18Entrance to the medrese of Allah-quli Khan. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1983)
19Chor Minar Mausoleum. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1978)
20Poster featuring the Chor Minar Mausoleum in a Bukhara workshop located in a former medrese. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1983)
21Camel caravan in the Gobi desert. (1977)
22Yak caravan in northern Mongolia, near the Orkhorn River. (1978)
23Lassoing a Mongolian horse on a horse farm near Mujirt, Mongolia. (1978)
24Race riders. Ulan-Bataar, Mongolia. (1978)
25Mongolian horse under saddle. (1983)
26Uzben men in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1978)
27Uzben men in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1978)
28Tajik girl in traditional dress. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (1995)
29Embroidery worker at a craft factory in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1978)
30Men's embroidered skullcaps for sale at the public market. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1983)
31Urban man in rural garb. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1995)
32Rural main in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1978)
33Buryat national costume. Ulan Ude, Russia. (1996)
34Russian Old Believers. Ulan Ude, Russia. (1996)
35Lenin image on a factory banner. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (1978)
36Lenin image in a Mongol yurt. (1983)
37War hero. (1996)
38War hero. (1996)
39Central Asian landscape: Zeravshan mountain range viewed from Samarkand - Shahribasz (Uzbekistan) road. (1983)
40Tourist craft markets near Xian, Shansi province, China. (1995)
41Kazakh girl. Kashgar, Xinxiang province, China. (1995)
42Buddhist prayer drums at the New Gandaan monastery. Ulan Baator, Mongolia. (1978)
43Worshippers in front of an incense burner, New Gandaan monastery. Ulan Baator, Mongolia. (1983)
44Shamanistic grave site; central Mongolia. (1977)
45Approaching the Buddhist monastery, central Mongolia. (1966)
46Stupas inside the monastery wall, Erdeni-Dzu lamasery, Mongolia. (1966)
47Backyard sanctuary. Ulan Baator, Mongolia. (1977)
48Chinese musicians in a Beijing Hotel. (1996)