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Centennial Oral History Project
Oral Histories, 1982-1988

The records of the Centennial Oral History Project were partially processed in May of 1986 by Barbara Kovarik Gahl. The Centennial Oral History Project Index was compiled in 1988 by Sara Addis Colbert and Christine Hadlow. This collection is a compilation of the following accessions: UA 84-33, UA 84-37, UA 85-05, UA 85-08, UA 85-12, UA 85-16, UA 85-27, UA 85-28, UA 85-45, UA 86-02, UA 87-17, UA 87-30.

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The Washington State University Centennial Oral History Project (COHP) was formally established with a $5,000 grant from the WSU Foundation in 1983. From this beginning, COHP coordinator Linda Lilles initiated a network of volunteer interviewers and interviewees from the various facets of the University community, including alumni, retirees, faculty, staff, and administration of long standing. Since the initial grant, the Office of Centennial Planning and the History Department have funded the COHP, with the bulk of the program under the leadership of Keith Williams. Coordinator from August, 1983 to November, 1987, Williams built up the collection to include 150 interviews with as many as 80 volunteers.

The COHP operates under a "unit history" format whereby each university department or unit has been asked to participate so that a balanced collective history emerges. Forty-five departments/units are represented in the collection. An important emphasis of COHP in addition to departmental/unit histories has been the 25 Golden Grad interviews, undertaken from 1984 to 1987, during the 50th anniversary alumni celebrations held each spring. By the end of the Centennial Oral History Project in June, 1988, 174 interviews have been processed and transcribed. This is a significant feat, as the Oral History Office has no interviewing staff and relies soley upon volunteers to conduct the interviews. The resulting interviews have been made available to Centennial historians and any others who wish to research or just reminisce.


This collection is divided into three series. The main series (Box 1-20) consists of one-on-one interviews, organized alphabetically. The second series lists the Golden Grad interviews- group interviews with returning alumni (Box 21-22); these are organized by year, then then within each year by last name with interviews conducted with groups of individuals filed afterwards by an arbitrary group number.

Each interview in the first series has been transcribed, but due to budget constraints, most of them have not been edited. If in doubt on a name or years, consult Campus Directories or Catalogs in Holland Library. Also, remember that these interviews are informal conversations where errors in grammar sometimes occur. The description outlines basic information--the interviewer, interviewee, number of tapes, interview date, Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) location, any additional material filed with the originals, and a brief sketch of topics discussed during the interview.

An index to departments and subjects exists in print form at WSU Libraries: Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections. In addition to information presented here, the print index also contains a subject index and a university department index.

One additional Centennial Oral History was completed too late to be included, and is now held separately as CT 23: Centennial Oral History Interview with C.B. Jones, 1990. Another interview, with James Elder, was discovered in another collection in 2011 and moved to this one. During digitization of these in 2013, it was realized that a 1970 History of WSU's Physics Program roundtable was included in the Golden Grads cassettes in box 21; its provenance is unknown but it is speculated that it might have come as supporting material to Dr. Band's interview (Box 1).

The majority of the audio recordings from this collection have been digitized and can be found online in the  WSU Oral Histories Project Digital Collection.


Series 1: Interviews

Box Interviewee Interviewer Date # of
Dept / Unit Areas
1Ackley, William B.Bertramson, B. RodneyMarch 15, 19853Horticulture - ChairDevelopment of landscape architecture program at WSU. Washington state's wine grape industry. Horticulture Department's relationship with neighboring states and provinces. Horticulture department at Johnson Hall. Cooperation with USDA. Responsibilities as chairman. Research stations. Changes in the department over the years. Foreign work and cooperation. Extension programs.Photograph of Ackley, 1985. Resume. Ackley's Recollections and 5 pages of notes used for the interview.
1Adams, JanetThonney, PhyllisJuly 16, 19861Alumni - Education, 1976Family members who are WSU graduates. Personal background. Student experiences at WSU - work, studies, activities, classes, professors, equipment, and facilities. Campus and social life in the early 1970s. Comments on research and teaching assistants. Campus health care. Religious activities of the early 1970s. Family tree.
1Adams, Mark F.Schnaitter, AlleneSeptember 5, 19862Division of Industrial ResearchPersonal background. Student days at WSC, 1938-51. Professional career at WSU, 1942-74. Personal research at WSU. Shift in research and teaching duties. Relationship between the Division of Industrial Research and the College of Engineering. Administration of, and attitude toward Division of Industrial Research. Early days in Pullman. Materials donated to WSU archives. Personal interests.
1Adams, RuthSchnaitter, AlleneSeptember 5, 19861Alumni - Music/Education, 1941. Faculty Wife - Mark F. Adams, Division of Industrial ResearchPersonal background. Student days at WSC, 1936-41. Early years in Pullman. Impressions of WSC. Marriage to Mark F. Adams, Professor of Chemistry. Founding of Montessori School in Pullman, 1969. Montessori theory of education. Activities with faculty wives. Mark F. Adam's consulting work. Personal interests.
1Anderson, GilmoreBackus, JaniceJune 9, 19873Engineering - Foundry and Wood Products LabPersonal background. Work at WSU Foundry, 1943-1950 - facilities, supervisors, work with light alloy metals, and crew. Employment with foundry at the Division of Industrial Research. Extensive discussion on various projects the foundry undertook. Work with Hydraulics Department. Work on developing hop dryer. Closure of foundry. Employment with Wood Products Lab - crew, supervisors, graduate students, facilities, salaries and promotions, and departmental social activities. Extensive discussion on Wood Products Lab's projects. Chairs of Engineering. Physical development of campus.
1Backus, DonaldBackus, JaniceJune 3, 19872Alumni - Agricultural Engineering, 1952Personal background. Pine Manor, a male residence hall - social events, house mother, fellow hallmates. Student life and favorite instructors. A typical day. Photocopy page of Pine Manor residents, including Backus.
1Bailey, Roy and WandaBertramson, B. RodneyFebruary 20, 19851Animal Science - Farm ManagerPersonal background. Roy's career, 1924-72 (manager of Farm Services, 1944-72). Locations of various buildings on campus. Bailey's work with Clydesdale horses and blacksmithing. Locations of plots of farm land near campus. Colleagues over the years. Paper entitled "Recollections of WSU" by Roy Bailey. Copies of photos about cutting wheat, Clydesdales, sunflowers, and Bailey's retirement party. Photos of Roy and Wanda Bailey, and photo of Roy with Rod Bertramson.
1Band, WilliamPark, James L. and George E. DuvallApril 25, 19851Physics - ChairRecollections of Physics department since 1949. Band's chairmanship, 1958-67. WSU administration. Importance of teaching. Autobiography and a March, 1967 WSU Invited Address entitled "Shocks in Physics and in Society." Paper by Alfred B. Butler, Physics, entitled "Some History of the WSU Physics Department."
2Bartuska, Tom J.Graham, ChannellNovember 26, 19851ArchitecturePersonal background. Undergraduate and graduate career at the University of Illinois. Travelling scholarship to Europe, 1958 - worked at a United Nations Association work camp in Austria building houses for refugees. WSU career, 1963 to present. Architecture department - size, faculty, courses, and facilities. Cooperative program. Outstanding students. 1970 Fulbright and sabbatical to Afghanistan and its positive affect on his career. Resume
2Bearse, GordonRasmussen, Lowell W.May 1, 19842Animal Science - Poultry Science, Puyallup Experiment StationBiography of Bearse. Professional career at WSU, 1929-72. Poultry industry problems and research programs. Colleagues and their work. Communication of research findings to industry groups, producers, and other researchers. Personal service to scientific community and local area. Biographical sketch. News release from WWREC about Bearse's retirement.
2Bement, Kenyon T.Stimson, WilliamMay 14, 19871Alumni - Business Administration, 1934Student days at WSC -fraternities, teachers, "Yell King" activities, student attitudes, and classmates.
2Bennett, Edward M. (#1)Hadlow, RobertOctober 30, 19852HistoryPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1961-present. History department - students, courses, faculty, and facilities. Focus of departmental change, 1961-85. Praise for WSU's graduate program. Social atmosphere of Pullman. Personal hobbies. Private and professional associations and activities. Athletics at WSU. Student protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Administrative response to students. Violence on WSU campus. Mascots and student identity. Salary inequities. Performance of three WSU administrations. Curriculum vita.
2Bennett, Edward M. (#2)Hall, DavidJuly 22, 19862HistoryProfessional career at WSU, 1961-present. History department - courses, work load, research, faculty, character of department, and students. Experience as Faculty Athletic Representative to the Pacific 10 Athletic Conference. Importance of athletics in generating alumni financial support and identification. Why Bennett came to WSU and reasons for staying.
2Benzel, BrianStimson, WilliamFebruary 8, 19881Alumni - Business Administration, 1970Student days at WSU - student politics, student attitudes, and experiences as Associated Students of Washington State University (ASWSU) President.
2Bertramson, B. RodneyEhlers, Melvin R.December 30, 19853Agronomy and Soils - ChairPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1949-85. Highlights in Agronomy program. Agronomy Department - faculty, cooperation with other departments, extension, and chairs. Arrival at WSU and living in Pullman. Relationships with state and regional associations and USDA. Professional societies. Tenure as department chairman. Philosophy on departmental administration. Mission of a land-grant university. Professionalism. Program for observing teaching. Land and facilities supervision. Teaching loads. Tribute to Ag. teachers. Turbulent times of the late 1960s and early 1970s. 6 articles by Bertramson. Bibliography on professional agronomists. Four photos of Bertramson - 1945,1952,1970, and 1984.
2Betts, Attie L.Knox, R. F.April 21, 19851Electrical EngineeringPersonal background. World War II. WSU career, 1955-1978. Growth of Engineering Department and faculty. Development of honors and PhD programs. Academic cooperation with other Pacific Northwest electrical engineering departments. Colleagues. Outstanding students. WSU administration under President C. C. French.
2Bhatia, Vishnu N.Slind, MarvinMarch 26, 19861Office of International Education and Honors Program - Director. PharmacyEarly years of International Programs Office. Establishment of study abroad and exchange programs. Directors of International Programs. Professional career at WSU, 1952-present. Changes in personnel and focus of International Programs. Administration's support. Creation of International Programs Development Office. Bhatia's guidelines for establishing study abroad programs. Rewarding aspects of experience with International Programs. Creation of Language Center. Biographical data.
2Bobb, BernardHall, DavidJuly 11, 19861HistoryProfessional career at WSU, 1949-1980. Early years of the Political Science and History department - course load, extension programs, research interests, and split of the department. Publications and dissertation background. Colleagues. Impressions of chairmen and WSU presidents. Effects of McCarthy era on department and campus. Campus unrest of the 1960s and 1970s. Effect of Chicano Studies on Mexican history. Changes from Resident Instructional Staff to Senate. Financial conditions and status of department and faculty. Pullman. History department (academic quality, publication standards, pay, Latin American historians, and grad students). Retirement. Current Latin American events. Lack of objectivity in history.
3Bonn, Art and MargeStimson, WilliamDecember 12, 19861Alumni - Entomology, 1925 (A.B.); English, 1924 (M.B.)Student days at WSU - teachers, fraternities and sororities, social activities, library, classmates, fashions, and campus grounds.
3Boyington, AlfredSpicer, RandallApril 27, 19832MusicPersonal background. How Boyington came to WSU. Career, 1933-1973. WWII, and graduate school at the University of Michigan. Colleagues. Agony Hall (old music building). Music facilities. Performing days and undergraduate years at Julliard. Outstanding students. "Tall Indians" organization at WSU.
3Brain, GeorgeGrunewald, MarjorieMay 10, 19831Education - DeanPersonal background. WSU career, 1965-1983. Establishment of the the Department of Education, 1964. Evolution of Home Economics and Agricultural Education. Basic Education Act. Contributions of WSU's Education department to the state. Distribution of Education graduates from Washington universities and colleges. New thrusts: industrial technology, and expanding international market in education. Impressions of being a Dean. Memorandum from Dean Zeno Katterle indicating merger of the two Physical Education departments with the College of Education and the establishment of the Department of Education. Newspaper article on Brain's resignation from Education Deanship.
3Breakey, Nettie C. (Esselbaugh)Hard, MargaretApril 4, 19881Food Sciences and Human NutritionPersonal background. Professional WSU career, 1946-1956. Nutrition classes, graduate students, and curriculum in related sciences. Impressions of the Palouse country. College of Home Economics - faculty, research facilities, and research. Social activities. Professional salaries. Travel. Relationship with Home Economics Extension staff. Copy from "Who's Who of American Women" & "American Men of Science." List of professional publications. 2 reprints co-authored by Breakey: "Nutritional Status of -Ten Family Groups in WA. St.," & "Effect of Nutritional Education on Food Habits."
3Bucklin, RobertStimson, WilliamDecember 12, 19861Alumni - 1925Reminiscences of Bucklin's father, Robert Eden Bucklin, a WSC alumnus. Impressions of WSU Presidents.
3Bundy, Murray W.Elder, James H.June 16, 19842English - ChairPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1928-56. Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Extensive discussion on President and Mrs. Compton and the Compton administration. Beaver Creek Camp Association. Responsibilities of department chairman. Early days of the English department.
3Bushaw, DonaldDeTemple, DuaneMay 14, 19862MathematicsPersonal background. Campus and math department as an undergraduate, 1943-1949. Campus changes over the years. Influential professors. Graduate experience at Princeton. Professional career at WSU, 1952-present. Math department in the 1950s - colleagues, curriculum, etc. Students over the years. Pure and applied mathematics. Changes in teaching math, and new directions. Professional organizations and research interests. Comparisons of various administrations/administrators. Affiliated departments - astronomy and computer science. Doctor of Arts program.
3Buss, Irven 0.Jonas, Robert J.September 18, 19851ZoologyPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1948-73. Early years of Wildlife Biology. Personal research (elephants). Wildlife Biology program - graduate students, faculty, and zoology chairs. WSU's administration in relation to Wildlife Biology. Principles of Wildlife Conservation class. Paper on history of Wildlife Biology program by Buss entitled, "Status, Needs, and a Proposed Program for Wildlife Biology at Washington State University." No date.
3Calbick, Chester J.Donaldson, E.E.January 27, 19851PhysicsStudent career at WSU, 1921-25. Work at Bell Labs, 1925-68, including electron diffraction, electron microscopes, Calbick-Davisson formula, early television, et cetera. Senior research physicist with WSU after retirement from Bell Labs, 1973-present.
3Caraher, JoeCaraher, PatJuly 5, 19832Alumni AssociationPersonal background. Establishment of alumni clubs in and out of Washington. Alumni meetings and gathering support. Changes in responsibilities of Alumni Association (AA). AA's relationship with the President and Board of Regents. Principles in early AA and Cougar Club. Alumni leadership scholarship program and alumni achievement award. Student involvement in AA. Caraher's feelings of establishing an alumni house on campus. Golden Grad reunions. New directions Caraher believes AA should take.
3Chisolm, Florence and MarshallStimson, WilliamJanuary 17, 19872Alumni - Mathematics, 1927 (F.C); 1928 (M.C.)Student days at WSC - professors, Greek versus dormitory living, clothing fashions, social activities, and classmates.
4Coleman, DorotheaWashburn, JoanneSeptember 9, 19831Physical EducationWSU career, 1948-1974. Supporter of women's unlimited dribble basketball. Eligibility of women in athletics. Restrictions in athletics. Involvement with volleyball. Officiating. Physical Education department - colleagues, courses, and students. Personal background. Concerns for teaching competency - teacher education standards in Physical Education program. Committee work on maintaining attendence requirement in P.E. courses. Contributions to P.E. department. Committee service. Sexism and maintaining University standards. TAPE 1 IS MISSING
4Cook, DorothyGrunewald, Marjorie B.June 15, 19831EducationPersonal background. WSU career, 1949-1973. Philosophy of education. Computers. Attraction of, and life at WSU. Fine Arts and Education departments. Sabbatical in Mexico. Artistic goals for children. The "Art Shop." Pullman schools. Workshops and extension classes. WSU's changing curriculum. Inspirational teachers. WWII years.
4Coonrad, DanBertramson, B. RodneyFebruary 12, 19851Animal SciencePersonal background. Animal Science student, 1958-63. Career with WSU Animal Science Department, 1967-present. History and uses of the Old Beef Barn. Colleagues. Discussion of manure lagoons, and silage and hay making. Future of the beef industry. Cross breeding of cattle. Copies of photographs about rope halter tying class, 1959; Coonrad with grand champion bull, 1960. 2 photos of Coonrad at Old Beef Barn, 1985.
4Cosgriffe, HarryLong, JamesMay 30, 19851Adult and Continuing EducationPersonal background. Masters of Adult and Continuing Education Program (MACE) - adult learning course, program planning course. Transition from Masters of Extension Program to MACE program. Development of a regional association of adult educators (Northwest Adult Education Association). Future of adult education.Reflections on career at WSU as extension administrator, professor in the MACE, and as international developer. Resume
4Cossalman, GertrudeGrunewald, MarjorieFebruary 3, 19842Education - Administrative AssistantPersonal background. WSU career, 1942-1976. Early years of the Education department. Professors. College Hall. History of teacher certification. Job description and evolution of duties up to Administrative Assistant. Recollections of and relations with students. Establishment of the department and Cleveland Hall. Colleagues. Relations with the rest of the university. Support services for the faculty. Problems with the program. State Office of Education. Dean/chairman split of authority. Student teaching program. Teacher quality.
4Crawford, WilliamGrunewald, MarjorieMarch 23, 19821EducationPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1954-72. Junior colleges and their separation from public schools. Early years of the Education department. Influence of Education department on Washington's community colleges. Current issues in education, especially in community colleges. Comparison of junior colleges and universities. Crawford's retirement. Obituaries from local papers, March 26, 1983.
4Deeter, Isaac (Ike)Tidrick, K.A. (Andy)June 23, 19842Physical Education - Alumni, 1928. Boxing CoachPersonal background. Student experiences - Sigma Nu fraternity, social events, and athletics. Boxing experiences - Golden Gloves. Job at Potlatch, 1929. WSU professional career as boxing coach, 1931-1967. Amateur and college leagues, notable boxers, and memorable bouts. Navy Pre-flight program during WWII. Demise of boxing program. Intramural and instructional boxing. Colleagues and anecdotes. Family. WSU administrations. Student athletes. Retirement activities.
4Deutsch, Lenna BairdNakata, HerbJune 6, 19841Bacteriology - Alumni, 1926. Instructor. Faculty Wife - Herman Deutsch, HistoryCircumstances bringing Deutsch to WSC. Student years at WSC, 1922-1926. Anecdote on diptheria scare. Graduate student experiences, 1928-1929. Experiences as an instructor, 1929. Relationship between Bacteriology professor, Dr. Victor Burke and History professor, Dr. Deutsch. Marriage to Dr. Herman Deutsch, 1930. Bacteriology department - facilities, students, faculty. Presentation of Sigma Alpha Omicron pin to H.M. Nakata. Social life and codes on WSC campus.
4Dils, Eugene W.Fry, Richard B.May 12, 19871Dean of Students, AlumniDils' student days at WSC in the (?)1930s - organizations (Theta Nu Epsilon, TNE), social rules, teachers, clothing fashions, classmates, and student politics.Noel: Reminiscences of Buck Bailey and WSU baseball. Norman: Perceptions of college athletics today. Tape and transcript also contains short interviews with WSU alumni, Bob Noel and Stanley Norman.
4Dingle, Richard W.Harris, GrantApril 15, 19862Forestry and Range ManagementPersonal background. WSU career, 1953-1983. Forestry department - facilities, faculty, courses, memorable students, and the Forestry Nursery. Types of trees grown on campus and their uses. Clark-McNary Act. Accreditation. Women in the Forestry Program. Dingle's experiences with the Indonesian Agricultural Education Project, 1981. Evaluation of WSU's Forestry Program.
4Dykstra, HenryEhlers, MelOctober 4, 19862Alumni - Animal Science (Dairy Science), 1926Personal background. Hand milking cows. Education in the early decades of the 20th century. Student life and layout of campus in the early 1920s. Importance of agriculture. Professional recognition and Dykstra's honors. Dairies in the Soviet Union. Artificial insemination and Bang's disease.
5Eastlick, Herbert L.Jonas, Robert J.October 22, 19852Zoology - ChairPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1940-73. Zoology department - research, equipment, facilities, curriculum, and faculty. Eastlick's chairmanship, 1947-1965. Mentions various faculty and deans he worked with. Five year sabbatical. Students and classes, 1940-70s. Recognition of Eastlick's research. Eastlick's philosophy of academics.
5Eckblad, InezHard, Margaret M.December 4, 19861Home Economics - Food Science & Human Nutrition. ExtensionPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1946-1967. Responsibilities of a land-grant university. Extension programs. World-wide recognition of Extension programs. Professional conferences. Changes in Extension Services to fit changing demands of the public. Colleagues Eckblad worked with in Home Economics and Agriculture. Published bulletins and other types of educational information which might be on file with Cooperative Extension Services, WSU.
5Ehlers, Melvin R.Bertramson, Rodney B.January 17, 19852Animal Science - Dairy ScienceRecollections of Dairy Science Department. Ehlers' Biography. Professional career at WSU, 1953-82. Dairy Science merger with Poultry and Animal Science. Dairy herds at WSU and the dairy industry. The continuing role of a land-grant university. Photograph of Ehlers, January 1985.
5Elder, James H.Whipple, Eileen M.January 19, 19891Psychology - ChairPersonal background, WWII experience. Came to WSU in 1949 as Psychology Chair. Development of department, move to Johnson Tower. Comparative Behavior Laboratory. Photograph, biographical information, psychology department documents, History of Psychology at WSU (1976).
5Enberg, Mary LouWashburn, JoanneJune 27, 19832Physical Education. Alumni, 1950. ProfessorPersonal background. Women's Recreation Association. WSU - campus, enrollment, and strengths. Davis Residence Hall. Athletics - facilities, games, clubs, and Crimson W. Restrictions on women on campus. Student activities and alcohol use. Influx of WWII veterans - housing, social changes, and competition. WSU professional career, 1960-1983. Physical Education Department - faculty and faculty committees. Merger of Men's and Women's departments - good and bad points.
5Entenmann, FelixBertramson, B. RodneyMarch 14, 19852Alumni - Agronomy and Soils, 1951Personal background and work as an agronomist with the Army. Agronomy graduate, B.S. and M.S., 1946-51. Agronomist with Cooperative Extension in Washington, Whitman County. Problems the Extension faced (stripe rust). Cooperation with WSU Agronomy department. Work with peas and lentils. Erosion research and soil conservation. Future for the soil in Whitman County. Training of extension agents. Role of agents in the future. Photograph of Entenmann, 1985. Notes used in the interview.
5Fitch, William and AliceStimson, WilliamDecember 13, 19862Alumni - English/Journalism, 1950 (W.F.); 1949 (A.F.)Education at WSC versus education at UW. Student days at WSC - teachers, social rules, fraternities and sororities, veterans as students, clothing fashions, student politics, classmates, and social activies.
5French, C. ClementHelton, HaroldMay 18, 19832President EmeritusPersonal biography. French's philosophy of administration. Administrative duties prior to WSU. Describes first visit to Pullman in 1952. Professional career at WSU, 1952-66. His role in creating the Council of Presidents of Washington Colleges and Universities and in creating Evergreen State College. French's philosophy and goals for administering WSU. Growth of college programs and of the campus. Restoration of WSU to the Pacific-10 Athletic Conference.
5Frykman, GeorgeHall, DavidJuly 21, 19861HistoryPersonal background. WSU career, 1950-1987. History department - classes and faculty. Personal research and Publications. Professional activities. Split between History and Political Science departments. Effects of McCarthy era on WSU.
6Gannon, Gertrude BryanLilles, Linda ScottJune 29, 19838Alumni. Daughter of President E. A. BryanPersonal background-- Pullman and Boise. Exctensive selections on her father, President E.A. Bryan. Friends on Maple Street. Flood of 1910, Pullman. Prohibition. Deans of Women, White and Annie Fertig. President Bryan's political philosophy. Senator McCroskey. Dedication of Bryan Hall. President Bryan's death. The President's House. Contribution of WSU to the nation. World War II years. Marriages and career work. Husband, Senator George Gannon.Article about the Fortnightly Club. Unpublished Clarence Daniel Martin Papers, 1896-1954, with inventory and index. Unpublished Enoch Albert Bryan Papers, 1893-1916, with inventory.
6Gibson, Weldon B. "Hoot"Stimson, WilliamJanuary 5, 19874WSU Foundation. Alumni - Business Administration, 1938Student days at WSU during the late 1930s - classes, buildings, social life, professors, and classmates. Theta Nu Epsilon (TNE), a secret campus political organization in the Greek system. Gibson's business activities as a student. Student body elections. Student Strike, 1936. Football. Graduate school at Stanford.
6Goldsworthy, Harry E.Stimson, WilliamMay 21, 19872 Department[Unit:Alumni - Business Administration, 1939 (?)Student days at WSC in the 1930s - fraternities, student politics (Theta Nu Epsilon, a secret greek political organization), classmates, and teachers. Extensive discussion on the Student Strike of 1936. Change in social attitudes among students. President of student body.
7Gordon, CarolWashburn, JoanneJune 14, 19833Physical EducationPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1962-1982. Women's Physical Education Department - faculty, curriculum, coed activities, facilities, enrollment, and graduate programs. Teaching versus coaching. Pre-Physical Therapy Program. Title 9 and its impact on WSU's Physical Education program.
7Greenaway, DonaldSchnaitter, AlleneJanuary 31, 19865Hotel and Restaurant AdministrationChanges in the restaurant industry since 1950. Changes in functions of corporate lodging and food service organizations since 1950. Trends influencing hospitality industry's future. Changes in hospitality education - courses. Personal background. WSU career, 1947-1951, and as Westin Distinguished Professor at WSU, 1983-1985. WSU's Hotel and Restaurant Administration Program - students, field trips, courses, and faculty. Changes at WSU since the 1940s - buildings, as an agricultural institution, faculty, administration, professionalism. Describes various major hotel and restaurant companies and their corporate officials. Advice to students entering the hospitality industry. Photograph of D. Greenaway, 1960. Copy of "Who's Who" entry, 1984-1985. Resume of business and professional experiences. Copy of entry on Northwood Institute, Midland, Michigan, from "Ohles and Ohles Private Colleges and Universities."
7Greenaway, LouiseSchnaitter, AlleneFebruary 3, 19862Faculty Wife - Donald Greenaway, Hotel and Restaurant Administration.English instructorImpressions of WSU and Pullman. Professional WSU career, 1947-1948 in the English department - students, classes, and faculty. College social life. Impressions of being a faculty wife. Housing and living conditions in Pullman. Relationship between WSU and Pullman. Women faculty members. Veterans on campus. THIS INTERVIEW IS PART OF THE DONALD GREENAWAY INTERVIEW.
7Greenfield, Eugene W. and LouiseSchnaitter, AlleneDecember 30, 19862Division of Industrial Research - Director.Electrical EngineeringProfessional career at WSU, 1958-73. Industrial Engineering Research Division (later called Engineering Research Division) at WSU. Greenfield's research (electric acoustics). Development of Engineering college. Personal biography. Greenfield's particular field of interest. Retirement activities. Recollections of Pullman and WSU. Louise Greenfield's work with acoustic sonograms. Resume.
7Gunsul, Richard "Brooks"Stimson, WilliamMay 4, 19871Alumni - Architecture, 1952Student days at WSC - campus housing, teachers, social activities, G.I.'s as students, and classmates. Hiring WSU Architecture graduates. Personal background.
7Hanson, TomBackus, JaniceApri129, 19871Student, 1965-66Personal background. Student life at WSU - classes, teaching methods, typical day, entertainment, ROTC, dormitories, cafeterias, and Orton Hall. Professional career in transit business. Training needed in a service industry. Comments on April, 1987 Federal Transportation Act's impact on Washington State. Hanson's business card as well as those of others in the transit business.
8Harrington, Albert H.Bertramson, B. RodneyApril 3, 19865Agricultural Economics - ChairPersonal background. WSU career, 1946-1983. Agricultural Economics department - courses, students, teaching methods, integrated courses, and chairmen. Chairmanship and Acting Chairmanships. Reinstatement and Scholarship Committee chores, 1948-1968. Harrington's goals and ambitions at WSU. Personal research. Participation in extension programs. Differences in operation of research programs and the extension programs. Role of Ag. Econ. in the development of the Columbia Basin. Agriculture and government. Role of a land-grant university, its president, and its students. 2 Photographs of Harrington, 1968 (Teaching Award), and 1986. An article by Harrington and Bertramson. Teaching diagram. Retirement seminar presentation by Harrington.
8Hein, MelFry, Richard B.June 8, 19871Alumni - Physical Education, 1931(?)Football at WSC - 1931 Rose Bowl game, Coach Hollingberry, train trips, league coaches, teams played, teammates, game strategies, and memorable games. Student days at WSC, late 1920s, early 1930s - teachers, fraternities, and meeting Florence, his future wife. Professional football career. Coaching career. Football honors. Other professional football players. Football theory.
8Herdering, JudyBackus, JaniceApril 29, 19872Student Health ServicesPersonal background. Impressions of Student Health Center (SHC) upon arrival in 1958. Organization of SHC. Medical Technician Department at SHC. Reminiscences of WSU students. Current concerns of patients - sex, drugs, alcohol. Work with handicapped students. Family. Impressions of Pullman. Experiences as a sorority advisor. Advice to medical technician students. Rewards of career at WSU.
8Hicks, MaynardHamm, RichardAugust 12, 19833CommunicationsPersonal background. WSU career, 1937-72. Early work load. News Bureau. Student participation in newswriting. WSU administrations from Bryan to Terrell. Growth during the Compton years. Arson story. Helen Compton. Student unrest in the late 1960s, early 1970s. Butch, the live cougar mascot. Growth and changes of News Bureau. Relationship with the Athletic Department from 1937 to 1983. Relationship with Student Publications, as advisor. Several newspaper articles by and about M. Hicks. News releases. A 16 page history of the College News Bureau. Hicks' tenure academic rank.
8Hill, Alberta D.Hard, Margaret M.March 29, 19842Home Economics - DeanPersonal background. Education and career before coming to WSU. Career at WSU, 1969-83. Dean, 1975. Reasons for coming to WSU. Facilities and programs within the College of Home Economics. Composition of student body and faculty. Relationship between Home Ec. and Agriculture. Professional societies. Philosophy of Home Ec. over the years and development of various programs at WSU. Internships and field experience. 75th anniversary of the Home Ec. program at WSU. The program's influence upon the state. Merger of the Colleges of Home Ec. and Agriculture. Several newspaper articles; letter on international programs; commemorative address, 1967, by Matsuyo Yamamoto; American Home Economics Association article; 75-year history of the department; and Margaret M. Hard's vita.
9Hinrichs, BobThonney, PhyllisJune 19, 19861Alumni - Animal Science, 1954Personal background. Family members who are WSU graduates. Student experiences at WSU - studies, fraternities, ROTC, married life on campus, financing education, equipment, student-teacher relationships, social activities, and classes. Agricultural consulting work overseas. Comments on foreign countries, foreign trade and embargoes. Relationship with the Athletic department. Physical development of the campus. Impact of WSU on business in Pullman. Family tree.
9Hinrichs, MaxThonney, PhyllisJuly 28, 19861Alumni - Agriculture, 1925Personal background. Student experiences at WSU - financing education, expenses, and ROTC. Influence of WSU throughout life. Reflections on WSU and its people. Comments on fraternity houses, especially Alpha Gamma Rho. Family members who are WSU graduates. Farming of seed-plants in the Palouse. Comments about national politics and their affects on the Palouse. Family tree.
9Hinrichs, PhilThonney, PhyllisJuly 17, 19861Alumni - Agricultural Economics, 1979Personal background. Student experiences at WSU - studies, athletics, financing his education, faculty, work, scholarships, and tutors. Business relationship with WSU. Professional baseball career. Relationship and affect of WSU on Hinrichs' rape seed business. Family tree.
9Hix, Clarence L.Knight, Margot H.July 16, 19806Administration - Finance. Alumni - Civil Engineering, 1909Personal biography. Early life in Spokane. Student days at WSC, 1905-09. Summer work with Milwaukee and Great Northern Railroads. Taught physics and math at Pullman High School, 1909-11. Professional career at WSC and WSU, 1911-57 (teacher and business administrator). Military influence on campus during WWI and WWII. Hix's religious activities. Recalls various Regents. Anecdotes. Colleagues over the years, especially William Kruegal, E.O. Holland, and Wilson Compton. Summary of student & professional career at WSU. Several newspaper articles about Hix. Paper about WSU by George Frykman, Professor of History.
9Hodgson, A. ScottEhlers, Melvin H.November 8, 19862Animal Science - Dairy Science. Alumni, 1950. WWREC-PuyallupPersonal background. Impressions of Pullman and WSU. Dairy Science Department - students and faculty. Student experiences at WSU and the judging team. Work as Junior Dairy Husbandman for WSU. Professional career at Western Washington Research and Extension Center (WWREC) in Puyallup (formerly Western Washington Experiment Station, WWES), 1951-1971. Early history of WWES. Research at WWES and WWREC. Faculty resume
9Hume, RichardHall, DavidJuly 23, 19862History - ChairPersonal background. WSU career, 1968-present. History department - faculty, classes, enrollment patterns, curriculum, World Civilization course, teaching vs. research, administration's perception of History department, undergraduate and graduate students, effect of Public History program on the department, teaching assistant stipends, student non-politicism, foreign student recruitment, and the budget's effect on morale. Personal research. Chairmanship and goals. Campus unrest of the 1970s.
9Jacobsen, MarionHard, MargaretDecember 3, 19861Home Economics - Food Science & Human NutritionProfessional career at WSU, 1956-75. Changing philosophy of the Home Economics College. Research emphasis and results. Cooperation with Agriculture, Poultry Science, and Dairy Science departments, as well as cooperative extension and the USDA. Development of the Food Science department. Teaching innovations in Food Science. Loss of community feeling among Home Economics staff with the merger with the College of Agriculture.
10Jacquot, Harley D.Bertramson, B. RodneyFebruary 8, 19852Agronomy and SoilsPersonal background. Dry farming and Grand Coulee Dam. Superintendent of WSU's Lind project, 1937-47. Much discussion on research - nitrogen fertilizer. Discussion of the McGregor Corporation and his work there. Future of farming and the soil. Jacquot's wheat variety, "Jacmar." Paper by Jacquot on his professional recollections. Photograph of Jacquot, 1985. Harley Jacquot's obituary, February 17, 1987.
10Johnson, BarbaraThonney, PhyllisNovember 13, 19862WSU LibrariesFamily background. Foreign Language degree (WSU, 1939-1943). Parent's floral shop and lunch counter in Pullman (Neill's). Classes and entrance tests at WSU. Growth of WSU. Sigma Kappa social events. World War Two. Extensive discussion on Library work. Library career at WSU, 1967-present. Holland Library, 1950 to present.
10Johnson, MaryKiessling, KarenDecember 16, 19832Physical Education. Faculty Wife - Claudius O. JohnsonPersonal background and education. WSU professional career, 1923-1924, and 1927-1929. Women's Physical Education Department - facilities and courses. Faculty salaries, "nepotism" clause, and social life and rules. President E.O. Holland. Anecdote on scheduled Will Rogers/Claudius O. Johnson debate. Student Strike of 1936. Husband's (C.O. Johnson) education and career, chair of the Political Science and History Department. Claudius' Fulbright assignments and travels. Health care in Pullman. Mary's colleagues. Edward R. Murrow. Women's clubs, especially the Fortnightly Club. Article from the Pullman Herald, "AAUW Pays Tribute to Mary M. Johnson," February 8, 1984.
10Jones, MargueriteJones, Barbara S.March 16, 19851Alumni - Speech & Education, 1960Personal background. Speech and Education curriculum. Typical day at WSU. Social life and student life. Duncan Dunn.
10Just, AmandaSpicer, RandallSeptember 13, 19831MusicBiography of Just. Professional career at WSU, 1938-72. Retirement and community service. Memorable students of Just.
10Keene, Phillip E.Bertramson, B. RodneyApril 19, 19852University ArchitectPersonal background. Job description.History of campus buildings, golf course, and parking. The future - "The Campus Scheme." Photograph, vita, and postion description.
10Klopfer, Jean M.Perry, MignonAugust 15, 19851Home Economics - Clothing, Interior Design, and TextilesPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1950-62, 1968-present. Changes within Interior Design/Home Economics Department. Interior Design Department - Foundation of Interior Design Research accreditation, professional organizations, curriculum. Merger of Colleges of Agriculture and Home Economics in 1980. Research/teaching balance. Klopfer's involvement on campus and on committees. Professional research. Vita. Pamphlet for 75th anniversary of College of Home Economics, WSU, 1978.
10Klossner, Erich and AlmaWidman, MaryFebruary 3, 19872Alumni - Foreign Languages, 1918. US Postal Service, campus branchPersonal background. Student days at WSC - tuition, campus grounds, extra-curricular activities, athletics, curriculum, enrollment, fraternities, buildings, professors, social activities, and fashions. Pullman community. Alma Klossner's personal background. WSU presidents. Career with the U.S. Postal Service in Pullman and on WSU campus. Retirement. Notebook of letters, newspaper articles, and photos concerning the destruction of Ferry Hall. Folder with newspaper articles and photographs about the Flood of 1910, and a report, "Chronological Record of Pullman Business Since 1902."
10Kottke, FrankBackus, JaniceMay 27, 19873EconomicsPersonal background. Professional WSU career, 1961-1979. Economics department - undergraduate and graduate students. WSU committees Kottke served on. Student unrest of the 1960s and its impact on WSU. Research. Career with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D. C. WSU Library system.
11Kreizinger, Everett J.Cosgriffe, Harry A. and Liebel, Lester N.March 5, 19851Adult and Continuing EducationTELEPHONE INTERVIEW. WSU career, retired in 1969. Masters of Extension program. Colleagues. Students, courses, agricultural extension. Cooperation with other departments - Sociology, Home Economics, Anthropology, etc.Ag. Extension as a minor - resistance from other departments and the graduate school.
11Krueger, HannaVyhnanek, LouMarch 14, 19862WSU Libraries - Head of Humanities LibraryPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1953-1970. Location of library. Head of Technical Services. Organization of Holland Library. Head of basic college library. How a library operates - collection development, faculty relations, divisional setup. Impressions of library administration. Impressions of faculty status for librarians. Value of M.L.S. degree for librarianship as a profession. Role in writing Washington State College Library Handbooks, in instruction activities, and in library automation. Changes at WSU Libraries. Accomplishments and disappointments. Summary of training and experience. Four page description of library situation from G. Donald Smith, March 11, 1949. Memo from G. Donald Smith on reorganization of Holland Library, February 11, 1952.
11Landerholm, HelenStimson, WilliamJune 23, 19872Alumni - Education, 1922Campus life - rules, boarding homes, social life (entertainment and dating), classmates, and religious life. Family background. Husband, Ed Landerholm. Clothing and hair fashions. Household chores. Family members (past, present, and future) who attended WSU.
11Landis, PaulMiller, IsabelMarch 1, 198415Sociology, Rural Sociology, Dean of Graduate School#1) Family background. Sociology Department. Published works. WSU career, 1935-. Previous teaching and job experiences. #2) Soc. Dep't. - colleagues, students, social work program, development of the Rural Soc. Dep't. Government project works. Public attitudes toward soc. Family life in Pullman. Great Depression and westward migration to Washington. Research. #3) Soc. Dep't. - colleagues, course load. Holland administration. Landis' deanship - Graduate School. Compton admn. Resignation from deanship. Compton's real estate developments. #4) Real estate, cont'd. Colleagues. Changed atmosphere on campus during & after WWII. Student Strike, 1936. Veterans as students. Gov't programs during Depression. Compton's demise. Pullman community. Landis' real estate development. #5) Landis' real estate, cont'd. Graduate exams. Graduate faculty. His deanship. Graduate language requirement. Committee system within departments. Work with Farm Home Administration (FHA) during WWII. #6) FHA, cont'd. Effects of WWII on campus. Landis' real estate development. Landis' college employment. WSU career. #7 & #8) Landis' sabbaticals around the world, esp. Africa. #9) Sabbaticals. His achievement drive. Much on family and background. #10) Family & background. #11) Family & background. Hunting trips. His diet. Landis' children. #12) His children and grandchildren. #13) Children, grandchildren. Relationship between Pullman and WSU. Much on his real estate developments & role in building Pullman. Corrections & insertions by Landis. His declining health. #14) Landis' declining health and attitude toward it. Reflects on life's rewards and his failures. Reflects on his wife, Bess. Family members and their health. Graduate School. Sociology Department - facilities. Retirement. #15) Landis' teaching career. Reflects on Bess, his marriage, and fatherhood.
12Law, Alvin G.Bertramson, B. RodneyAugust 14, 198573Agronomy and SoilsPersonal background. Impressions of WSU, 1941-79. Courses Law taught. Origins and work of Washington State Crop Improvement Association. Facilities. Observations of Law on bridging gap between academics and agricultural industries. Various faculty and ag. extension staff. Role of a land-grant university. Seed and turf research at WSU. Work as Vice Chairman of Agronomy and Soils. Collegiate Crops Judging, participants and coaches. Law's outlook on foreign service. Law's views on consulting as a professional agronomist. Law's reflections on his experiences. Journal article about Law. Photo of Law teaching, 1960. Photo of Alvin and Roberta Law, 1985. Photo of Law and Bertramson, 1985.
12Lawrence, John M.Bertramson, B. RodneyNovember 20, 19852Institute of Biological ChemistryPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1948-81. Ag. Chemistry department (later named Institute of Biological Chemistry) - faculty, chairmen, and facilities. Shift in departmental research emphasis from nutrition and foods to plant biochemistry. Formation of Biological chemistry. Members at outlying stations. Retirement work with Department of Agronomy and Soils. Hobbies and recreation. Retrospection of life at WSU and Pullman.
12Lincoln, KeithFry, DickJanuary 30, 19862Alumni - Physical Education, 1961. Assistant Football CoachPersonal background. Football at WSU. Professional football with the San Diego Chargers. Coaching at different levels-high school, college, professional. Teammates and outstanding players at WSU and San Diego. Sid Gillman, Charger coach. [Lincoln was a WSU student from 1957 to 1961. He returned to WSU as an assistant football coach, 1971 to 1973. Lincoln then transfered to the Alumni Center in 1973, and currently is the Director - though not discussed in the interview].
12Littlewood, Robert A.Dahl, KathleenFebruary 6, 19861AnthropologyPersonal background. Sociology%Anthropology Department - faculty, locations, tensions, and unity. Anthropology boom of the 1960s. Faculty government and problems with French and Terrell administrations. Salaries and economics of WSU. Future needs of the program and the university.
12Liu MaolingKnox, R. FrankNovember 19, 19841Electrical EngineeringPersonal background - born and raised in China, and experiences in a tuberculosis sanitarium. Immigration problems. WSU career, 1958-1969. Electrical Engineering department and faculty. Locations of EE, math, and architecture departments, and the development of laboratories. Administrative personnel. Graduate students and secretaries. Retirement.
12Loreen, C. OscarBertramson, B. RodneyJanuary 15, 19852Vocational AgricultureRecollections of Vocational Agriculture, 1920-80. Loreen's biography. Development of young farmer education. Origins and development of FFA. Dedicated Washington Vo-Ag teachers. Locations of the Vocational Agriculture department on the WSU campus. FFA annual convention. Loreen's philosophy of Vocational Agriculture extention training. Loreen's 1980 paper for a Future Farmers of America convention on agricultural education entitled "An Association of Long Standing: Washington State University and the FFA."
12Manring, Betty H.Thonney, PhyllisJuly 31, 19862Alumni - Liberal Arts, 1932Personal and family background. 1932 Los Angeles Olympics and Hollywood. The Depression. Social life on campus. Campus housing. Courses and faculty. Emphasis on proper etiquette. WSU YWCA. Extension Service and 4-H. Manring's children's education and careers. Family tree of WSU graduates.
12Matsen, JosephStimson, WilliamDecember 12, 19861Alumni - Business Administration, 1949Personal background. Student days at WSC - changed atmosphere on campus following WWII, dormitory living, and student politics. Development of Wilson Compton Union Building.
13Mauss, ArmandBackus, JaniceMay 28, 19875SociologyPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1969-present. Sociology department - students, graduate courses, grants, facilities, research, department of Rural Sociology, and faculty. Attitude toward administration and campus service. Professional activities. Teaching versus research. Theory of teaching. Personal research. Student unrest of the 1960s. Programs - Urban Research Center, Alcohol Studies, and Religious Studies.
13McCloskey, GordonGrunewald, MarjorieMarch 16, 19821EducationBiography of McCloskey. Professional career at WSU, 1947-74. Philosophy of land-grant colleges. Student strike, circa 1970. Development of the Department of Education since 1947. WSU's role in state education. Friendship with Carl Sandburg and McCloskey's poetry. Issues facing educators today.
13McDonough, EllenGrunewald, MarjorieNovember 27, 19842WSU Food ServicesMcDonough's early life with sister Caroline Cooper, head of Duplicating and Mailing. Student career at WSC and WSU, 1935-82. Professional associations. Advantages and disadvantages of being a registered dietician. Changes on campus over the years. Retirement activities. Recollections of life as a child in eastern Oregon mining communities.
13McNeil, CharlesJonas, Robert J.September 16, 19851ZoologyPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1946-76. Courses taught by McNeil. Zoology department - research, faculty, chairs, facilities, G.I. students. WSU administration - quarter system, tenure, curriculum committee. Entomology's separation from Zoology.
13Migaki, JamesGrunewald, MarjorieFebruary 9, 19842EducationPersonal background. Undergraduate years, 1949-1951. Professional career at WSU, 1967-present. Stimson Hall and YMCA. Experiences in ROTC. Experiences as a Japanese-American during WWII. Development of Asian-American program at WSU and Affirmative Action. Graduate years at WSU. Physical changes on campus over the years. Student life. Influential professors. Teaching in Spokane - first Asian-American to teach there.
13Moree, RayJonas, R. J.February 11, 19861Zoology - Alumni, 1937. ProfessorPersonal background. Student experiences and memorable faculty at WSU, 1934-1937. WSU professional career, 1942-1977. Zoology department - courses, facilities, and research. Formation of the Entomology department. General reminiscences.
13Morrison, DennisFry, RichardMay 19, 19862Administration - Executive Assistant to PresidentPersonal background. Journalism career. Professional career at WSU, 1947-85. Initial impressions of Pullman. Experience as Editor, Office of Publications. Experience as member of Agriculture Advisory Board. Working under C. Clement French. Importance of intercollegiate athletics to WSU's image. Change from college to university. Washington governors. President Compton's attitude toward salary increases. Experiences as presidential assistant to Glenn Terrell. Student unrest of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Change in student attitudes. Media reporting of student unrest.
13Muse, Raymond (#1)Hall, DavidJuly 7, 19862History - ChairProfessional career at WSU, 1948-1979. Relationship between Political Science and History departments. The History department from 1955 to the '60s. Balance between teaching and research. Impressions of WSU students. Reminiscences of colleagues. Opinions of WSU presidents Muse worked under.
13Muse, Raymond (#2)Grunewald, MarjorieJuly 14, 19861History - ChairPersonal biography. Served as first chairman of the History department, 1956-79. Service on various university committees. Muse's opinions of presidents he worked under. Muse's colleagues. Vita
14Neill, MarionStimson, WilliamJanuary 21, 19871Alumni - Home Economics, 1936Student days at WSC - Student Strike of 1936, social rules, classmates, teachers, housemothers, dress codes, job, and sororities. Home Economics department.
14Neill, Thomas C.Thonney, PhyllisNovember 7,19861Alumni - Mechanical Engineering, 1938Personal background. Neill Hall. Neill family in Pullman. Entrance requirements at WSC in 1934. College living expenses. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Memorable classes and professors. Student strike, 1936. Business in Pullman. Family tree of WSU graduates.
14Nelson, C. EmilRasmussen, Lowell W.April 25, 19843Agronomy and SoilsPersonal background. Professional career at WSU's Irrigated Agricultural Research and Extension Center (IAREC) in Prosser, WA, 1937-71. Agronomist for USDA Bureau of Plant Industry, Prosser, 1942-57. Extensive account of research activities, equipment, and facilities at IAREC. Relationship between Prosser station and the Agronomy department and faculty. Description of research farms. Nelson's feelings about his experiences and his views on research and farming. Biographical sketch by Nelson.
14Nelson, Helen S.Schnaitter, AlleneFebruary 13, 19861Faculty Wife - James C. Nelson, EconomicsWife of WSU Economics Professor Emeritus, James C. Nelson. Impressions of WSC. Bob Jeffrey's school bus route. Family recreation on campus. Clubs. Education classes. Experiences teaching Social Studies and Language Arts, 1962-64, at Lincoln Middle School, and History, 1966-74, at Pullman High School. Model United Nations Assembly program and High School Bowl. Experiences as a faculty wife. Faculty Wives Association. Campus issues. Travels.
14Nelson, James C.Schnaitter, AlleneNovember 15, 19856EconomicsExtensive personal background. Professional WSU career, 1947-1974. Reasons for coming to WSU. Development of Transportation Economics courses. Establishment of PhD program in Economics, 1959-1960. Obtaining library resources. Development of Public Utility Economics courses. Economics department - students, faculty, graduate students, and courses. Personal research, deregulation, and publications. Federal government's role in transportation. Nelson's entry in Who's Who in America. Letter from Vice Provost to Nelsons, commending his service to WSU; and from Brookings Institution lauding the Nelsons. Two reviews of Nelson's book, "Regulation and Competition in Transportation. Curriculum vita.
14Northrup, CatherineWashburn, JoanneSeptember 8, 19833Dean of Women. Associate Dean of StudentsPersonal background. Government Nursery School Project. Montevista schools until 1937. World War II. WSU career, 1956-1972. WSU and women students. Associated Women Students. Residence Halls. Rules and Regulations. Duties and involvements of the Dean of Women. Sexual Information Resource Center (SIRC). Student unrest of the late 1960s, early 1970s.Changes over the years regarding women's opportunities. Professional organizations. Personnel sheet. Five articles from local papers on her retirement - originals and copies. Dean of Women and Associate Dean of Students Annual Report, July l, 1971-June 30, 1972.
14Oden, DuAnnJones, BarbaraMarch 10, 19851Alumni - Physical Education, 1971Personal background. Physical Education curriculum. Student Health. Intercollegiate volleyball (1968-71) and basketball (1968-70). Streit-Perham residence hall. Influence of WSU on Oden's life.
15Osburn, Orren E.Seamans, David A.May 2, 19844Electrical EngineeringPersonal background. Professional WSU career, 1922-1961. Electrical Engineering department - faculty, facilities, courses, equipment, and students. Depression years at WSC. Professional and community service - Academic Standards Committee, Boy Scouts, etc. WWII years at WSC. Retirement. Photograph of a DC motor tested by Osburn at General Electric. Citation of service and recognition to Osburn from the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Spokane Section. May 18, 1956.
15Ostrom, T.G.DeTemple, DuaneJune 3, 19861Mathematics - ChairPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1960-1981. Mathematics department - teaching loads, hiring faculty, students, graduate students, class size, facilities, classes, departmental library, and grants. Perceptions of WSU and its administrations. Shift to a research-oriented university. Professional travelling experiences. Chairmanship.
15Pence, William B.Bennett, S. RandalSeptember 12, 19851WSU Fire Department - ChiefPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1947-75. Changes at WSU Fire Department during Pence's career. Recounts student unrest in late 1960s, early 1970s. Social activities at the Fire Department. Fire alarm systems on campus. Retirement activities.
15Perry, MignonKlopfer, Jean M.August 15, 19851Home Economics - Clothing, Interior Design, and Textiles - ChairPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1958-1985. Chair, 1959-80. Changes within Clothing and Textiles department - students, emphasis on retailing, field trips, faculty, curriculum. Museum work. Off-campus graduate programs. Committee involvement. Changes within departmental structure and those involved. Home Economic's relationship with administration. Professional organizations. Perry's research and travel. Mignon Perry's vita.
15Petragallo, RoyStimson, WilliamJanuary 18, 19871Alumni - 1930sBoxing at WSC in the 1930s - training, coach (Ike Deeter), teammates, and memorable fights and meets.
15Poe, Albert DonaldGraham, ChannellFebruary 5, 19862ArchitecturePersonal background. Architecture employment prior to WSU. Professional WSU career, 1958-1983. Architecture department - faculty, research, and degree program. Sabbaticals. Chairmanship. Development of Construction Management Program. Professional organizations. Retirement. Resume.
15Pratt, George W.Backus, JaniceApril 26, 198712Student, 1930s. WSU CustodianPersonal background. Student days at WSC during the 1930s - dormitories, tuition, teachers, buildings, enrollment, classes and class size, social activities, distinguished visitors, and traditions. Work with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Depression. Work as custodian at Wilson Compton Union Building. Organizations. Retirement. Photograph of George Pratt
15Pratt, MarjorieBackus, JaniceMay 19, 19872WSU Food ServicesPersonal background. Growing up in Pullman. Campus and summer school at WSC in 1933. Career at WSC as cook and supervisor, 1955-1980. Marjorie's Recipe Magic cookbook, 1974.
15Rademacher, PeterSchnaitter, AlleneApril 13, 19872Alumni - Animal Husbandry, 1953Personal background. Student days at WSU - professors, work with grounds keeper, boxing, academic work, roommates, athletics, and coaches. Marriage. Experience attending Castle Heights Military Academy. Volunteer work. Employment with Kiefer-McNeill Company. Recounts his participation in 1956 Olympics. Amateur boxing career. Return to WSU for Hall of Fame presentation and celebrations. Wife, Margaret, and their marriage. Extensive discussion of professional boxing career. Philosophy on work. Article, "Pete Rademacher." Chapter from uncited book, "Pete Rademacher: The Impossible Fight." Nominee information for WSU Athletic Hall of Fame. P.R. packet made by Rademacher about himself - articles, photos, and brochure on life & career.
16Rasmussen, Lowell W.Bertramson, B. RodneyNovember 9, 19853Agronomy and SoilsPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1948-75. Research and colleagues at WSU. Development of Experimental Design course. Weed and herbicides program. Organized communication with farmers. Regional weed researchers. Career as Assistant Director of Agriculture Experiment Station, 1956-75. Creation of commodity commissions and their benefits. The role & requirements of an Ag. Research Director. Regional research programs and the USDA. Relationship with State Dept. of Ag. and other agencies. Foreign service and WSU international development programs. Tribute to extension services. Outlook from 38 years at WSU. Family and social recollections. Vita and two photographs.
16Sandberg, RobertStimson, WilliamMay 22, 19872Administration - Executive Assistant to President. AlumniStudent days at WSC during the 1930s - housing and teachers. WSU career years, 1947-1952. Story about WSU presidency being offered to Edward R. Murrow. Wilson Compton administration - moving WSU to Spokane, Compton's demise. Development of Wilson Compton Union Building.
16Schnaitter, AlleneVyhnanek, LouNovember 14, 19852WSU Libraries - DirectorPersonal background. Director of WSU Libraries, 1976-1984. Condition of WSU Libraries in 1976. Her administration and management style. Physical changes of the libraries. Budget crisis and WSU administration. Automation of the libraries. Role of departmental libraries. Schnaitter's reasons for stepping down because of University pressure. Current position as Coordinator of Library Development. Accomplishments and disappointments as Director. Vita
16Schwartze, Chester D.Rasmussen, Lowell W.April 30, 19842Horticulture - Alumni, PhD 1935. WWAREC-PuyallupPersonal background. Student at WSU, 1920-1924 (BA Agriculture), 1932-1935 (PhD Horticulture). Professional career at WSU, retired 1969. Western Washington Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Puyallup. Research - berry breeding, preservation of fruits and vegetables by freezing, and berry harvesting. Future of berry production in Washington. Cooperation with Washington Horticultural Association. Biographical sketch
16Scott, David M.Graham, ChannellFebruary 4, 1981Architecture - Alumni, 1953. Professor and ChairPersonal background. First impressions of WSC. Student days at WSC - professors and classmates. Professional career as an architect. Graduate school at M.I.T. Professional career at WSU, 1960-. Chair, 1966-1976. Teaching methods. Definition of architecture. Purpose of the university. Vita. Video tape of interview.
17Shaw, C. GardnerGrunewald, MarjorieNovember 23, 19875Plant Pathology - ChairPersonal background. World War II experiences. WSU career, 1947-1983. Beaver Creek Camp development. Sabbaticals and research. Publications. Plant Pathology Department - colleagues. Experiences becoming chair and running the department. College of Agriculture administration. Grants and working with undergraduate and graduate students. Financial aid and teaching assistantships. Shaw's family. Department locations. WSU overseas projects. Recounts heart attack. Experiences as advisor of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Shaw's contributions to his field and to WSU. Travels. Work in New Zealand and India. Professional conferences. Much on his participation in WSU's Pakistan and Jordan projects. Retirement.
17Smith, Elizabeth (Liz)Washburn, JoanneSeptember 10, 19831Alumni - Physical Education and Health, 1937Personal background. Student days at WSC - impressions, work with Dr. Helen G. Smith, fees, classes, social activities, intramurals, campus grounds, and buildings. Student Strike, 1936. Professional training and career in physical therapy.
17Smith, FloydStimson, WilliamApril 10, 19872Alumni - Agriculture, 1913Student days at WSC - boxing coach (Fred "Doc" Bohler), ROTC, Lake DePuddle, fraternities (ATO), professors, classmates, buildings, traditions, campus grounds, organizations, and clothing fashions.Personal background. List of Alpha Tau Omega members and their pictures, including F.R. Smith.
17Smith, G. DonaldVyhnanek, LouisJune 21, 19851WSU Libraries - DirectorPersonal background. WSU career, 1946-1976. Library situation upon arrival. Holland Library. Efforts and opposition to centralization of departmental libraries. Smith's directorship of the libraries. Library training. Collection development and computerization of library.
17Smith, Helen G.Washburn, JoanneSeptember 8, 19832Physical Education - ChairBiography of Smith. Professional career at WSU, 1925-61. Chair, Department of Physical Education for Women. Smith Gym dedication and evolution of building plans. Department courses, activities, and faculty. Professional associations. Retirement article.
17Snow, Marian NeillThonney, PhyllisAugust 15, 19861Alumni - Foreign Languages, 1934Personal background. Family members who are WSU graduates. Student days at WSC - fees and finances, jobs, sororities, courses, student attitudes, social activities, traditions, and graduation. Snow's husband, a 1933 WSC graduate. Health care facilities. Effect of the Depression on students. Relationship between WSU and Pullman. Family tree.
17Stone, Linda S.Dahl, Kathleen A.February 7, 19861Anthropology - Alumni. ProfessorPersonal background. WSU career, 1981-present. Undergraduate years at WSU in the 1960s. Women in anthropology. Changes in student attitudes. The Anthropology department's attitude. Colleagues. Anthropology's relationship with Administration. International Development Program. Relationship with students. Faculty salaries and morale. Reputation of WSU's Anthropology department. Changes (and lack of) in Pullman. Stone's goals for the Department.
17Strait, Leland C.Bertramson, B. RodneyJanuary 15, 19852AgriculturePersonal biography. Work on Indian reservations. Professional career at WSU, 1956-76 as County Extension Agent in Indian Affairs under WSC; conference and short courses coordinator for College of Agriculture; and Assistant Director of Resident Instruction for College of Agriculture. Evaluation of short courses. Advising students. The future of the College of Agriculture. Retirement activities. Photograph of Leland and Freda Strait, June, 1979.
18Stratton, David H.Hall, DavidNovember 12, 19862History - ChairFIRST MINUTES OF TAPE INAUDIBLE - STATIC. WSU career, 1962-present. Courses taught. Personal research. Publications. Professional activities. American Studies Program. Chairmanship and goals. History department - declining enrollment, early impressions, faculty, financial crisis, and undergraduate, graduate, and foreign students. Teaching versus research dilemma.
18Sunnell, AgnesHard, MargaretDecember 6, 19861Home Economics - ExtensionPersonal background. Academic and professional career at WSU, 1942-58. Research and extension work in Tacoma, King County, and Yakima. Extensive discussion on work and life in West Pakistan, 1954-56 (a WSU international development program). Colleagues at WSU. Comments on WSU's support and enthusiasm shown towards her work.
18Thompson, AlbertElder, JamesMay 2, 19852Foreign Languages and Division of Humanities - DeanPersonal background. Professional career at WSU, 1930-1964. Reasons for coming to WSC. Administrative policies of four WSU Presidents. Post-WWII development - enrollment and physical expansion of the campus. Experiences as chairman of Humanities and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. Retirement. Buildings on WSU campus. Report entitled "The Checkered Career of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures," by A. Thompson
18Thonney, LarryThonney, PhyllisJune 17, 19861Pullman business - Photography and Dairy FarmingPersonal background. Impressions of WSU. Experiences at WSU - selling milk to dairy on campus, social life - 1945-1948, students, private dairy in Troy Hall, photographic work on campus, dances, student attitudes, 4-H, and FFA. Effects of WWII on campus and farm life. Relationship and affect of WSU on local business. Attitude toward education. Religious activities of late 1940s. Family members who are WSU graduates. Impressions of WSU's future. Family tree.
18Thonney, PhyllisThonney, PhyllisJuly 28, 19861Alumni - General Studies, 1988 (Began 1946, returned 1985)Personal background. Family members who are WSU graduates. Impressions of WSU. Impact of VWVII veterans on WSU campus. Student experiences at WSU - classes, living conditions, social activities, student/teacher relationships, rules, work, and volunteer work. Married couples and student housing.Campus health care, 1946-1948. Building changes at WSU. Returning as a student in 1985. Differences between student community and Pullman community. Family tree.
18Thoney, StevenThonney, PhyllisOctober 4, 19861Alumni - Agricultural Education, 1975. MA, Animal Science,1978Personal background. Family members who are WSU graduates. Reasons for choosing WSU. Requirements for agriculture. Attitude toward WSU. Reasons for choosing major. Student experiences at WSU - classes, a typical day, wife, grades, fraternities, professors, and social and religious activities. Thoughts on studying and impact of courses on career. Drug use on campus. Professional career as orchardist in Prosser. Support of Greek system. Cougar athletics. Current contact with WSU. Political support for WSU. Needs of the state. National issues during the 1970s. Family tree.
18Thonney, WalterThonney, PhyllisJuly 27, 19861Pullman business - farmingPersonal background. Grade school and high school experiences in Pullman. Experiences as an Army nurse on WSU campus during the Flu Epidemic of 1918. Army service. Family tree.
18Tjomsland, Arnold C.Grunewald, MarjorieMay 27, 19822EducationBiography of Tjomsland. Work with State Office of Public Instruction, 1950-1960. Capital Outlay Program for Washington. Design and construction of schools in the state. Professional career at WSU, 1960-1979. Department of Education. Retirement and work outside of the United States. Outstanding issues in education today.
18Urdal, LloydGrunewald, MarjorieFebruary 9, 19841Education - ChairPersonal background and education. WSU career, 1955-83. First chair of Education department, 1964. Education program - heavy loads, chair duties, growth, transition to department, growth of specialty areas, and minority programs. Current problems in education and adult education. Pluses and minuses of chairmanship. Planning and building of Cleveland Hall and the Education Library. Faculty cooperation and social activities. Retirement.
18Vatnsdal, MildredDeTemple, DuaneJune 3, 19861Mathematics Alumni, 1924. Instructor. Faculty Wife - J.R. Vatnsdal, MathematicsPersonal background. Student days at WSC - athletics, buildings/facilities, professors, majors, and sororities.Professional career as high school teacher and coach. Personal background on Vatnsdal's husband, J. Russell Vatnsdal, a professor of Mathematics at WSU. Mildred Vatnsdal's professional career at WSU, 1930-1932. Mathematics department - teaching loads, chairmen, association with the College of Engineering. Taught Air Corps students during WWII. Establishment of retirement program at WSU.
19Vogel, Orville A.Rasmussen, LowellMarch 28, 19843Agronomy and Soils, USDAWheat variety and disease research. WSU career, 1931-76. Cooperation with WSU. Team research. Cooperation and support from farmers and wheat organizations. Technology improvements for wheat research. Federal and state colleagues. Problems with the program. Importance of WSU's contributions to the region, and importance of endowments to WSU. The Vogel Fund for the support of research and graduate students. Western Wheat Quality Laboratory. Vita
19Waterman, Albert D.Grunewald, MarjorieJune 23, 19821EducationPersonal background. Career at WSU, 1952-77. Early days at WSU and colleagues. Work with professional organizations. Problems and projects dealt with - selection of superintendents, school projections (Kellogg Project in the Columbia Basin), and school district policies. Changes in school administration. Education curriculum at WSU. Discussion of Comparative Education Society tour of Eastern-bloc countries. Department's outreach to public schools. Current and future issues in education. Education department fishing trips. Vita (missing page 1).
19Webster, DorothyThonney, PhyllisAugust 18, 19861Alumni - Mathematics & Education, 1927Personal background. Family members who have graduated from WSU. Student days at WSC - finances, dining hall rules, athletics, social life, buildings, fashions, dormitory living, and classes. Family tree.
19Webster, Emma LouThonney, PhyllisAugust 18, 19861Alumni - Home Economics, 1930Personal background. Family members who are WSU graduates. Student days at WSU - classes, job, dormitory living, graduation, finances, equipment, typical day, dining hall, and athletics. Family tree.
19Weller, HarryLilles, LindaMay 31, 19838ArchitecturePersonal biography. Student days at WSC, 1919-23. Professional career at WSC and WSU, 1928-66. Discussion of the Architecture department, including curriculum, faculty, enrollment, architectural engineering degree, and the split between the University Architect's Office and the Department of Architectural Engineering in 1946. Also, design, construction, location, and use of various buildings on campus. Work with architects, 1923-28. The Great Depression and WWII years at WSC. Weller's teaching style. Professional organizations. Issues in architecture today. Retirement activities. Mission of a land-grant university. Several newspaper articles, photocopies of WSU buildings and architectural drawings, and Weller family history. Also, M.A.S.C. container list for Harry Charles Weller collection.
20Wells, Donald A. #1Elder, James H.July 25, 19851Philosophy - ChairPersonal background. Professional WSU career, 1948-1969. Establishment of the Philosophy department and its expansion. McCarthyism in the Pacific Northwest. Events leading up to President Wilson Compton's resignation. Change in election of department chairs. Composition of the Philosophy department. Reaction to Wells' opposition to the Vietnam War. Teaching at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle. Account of Wilson Compton's aquisition of Priest Lake property, known as Beaver Creek Camp Association.
20Wells, Donald A. #2Brown, BarbaraAugust 19, 19871Philosophy - ChairPhilosophy department - faculty, facilities, graduate program, and chairmanship. McCarthyism and WSU. Development of the Philosophy department during the 1950s.
20Wysong, MaryHall, DavidNovember 7, 19861History - Administrative AssistantProfessional career at WSU beginning in 1942, then intermittently. Then, returned in 1970 as secretary to the History department. Retired in 1988. Impressions of the History department. Other History department secretaries. Graduate students. Faculty. Personal background. Chairmen.
20Yothers, Robert A.Stimson, WilliamDecember 11, 19862Alumni - Political Science, 1930sExtensive discussion on Student Strike of 1936 and Yothers' role in it as chairman.
20Young, Leonard W.Bertramson, B. RodneyApril 22, 19852Agriculture - Experiment StationsPersonal background. Professional career and duties, 1936-67. Recollections of early WSU campus. Administrative processes, 1930s and 1940s. Young's publication, "75th Anniversary of Washington Agricultural Experiment Stations History." Dean Edward Johnson's administration. President Compton's ideas. President Holland's administration. Student Strike of 1936. Johnson Hall. World War II years. Columbia Basin development. Colleagues. Unity of the various agricultural units. Experiment stations. Two photos of Young and Bertramson.

Box 21-22     Series 2: Golden Grad Interviews

Interviewee(s) Interviewer Date of Interview
Group 1: Keith P. Jones, William A. and Edith Steward Hooper, Guy P. MillerAnne FreemanMay 31, 1984
Group 2: E. L. Steinke, Gustav and Jessica C. Bliesner, Virginia Harger, Elizabeth B. HartupMarjorie GrunewaldMay 31, 1984
Group 3: Shirley Greening Morgan, Roy T. Olson, Paul F. Schedler, Wilma Ingle HillAnne FreemanMay 31, 1984
Group 4: Theodore S. Borg, Tobey Leonard Henrichsen, Catherine Diener SimpsonRichard HammMay 31, 1984
Group 5: Irwin A. Davis, Lindsay Kinney, John E. Fowler, Fritz VawterRichard HammMay 31, 1984
Group 6: Wilbur D. Simons, Zylda Elliot, Evelyn K. Hickman, Robert Emerson, Claude IrwinAndy TidrickMay 31, 1984
Group 7: Jervis D. Swannack, Edward M. Gaines, Robert G. EvansAndy TidrickMay 31, 1984
Group 8: Kenyon T. Bement, H. DeWayne Kreager, John W. Kelly, Loran P. RicheyDavid L. Hood May 31, 1984
Group 9: Dorothy Lois Smith-Kenney, Carville E. and Dorothy H. SparksMargery Sharkey May 31, 1984
Group 10: Bernadine Du Bois, Cliff M. Irvin, Ruth Klumb, Donald W. Stevenson, Helen A. MinklerMargery SharkeyMay 31, 1984
Group 11: Mary Ena Hall Link, M. C. "Mel" Hougan, William H. Munson, Marie Trupp KriegerDavid L. HoodMay 31, 1984
Group 12: Bernice Snyder, Erva S. Mosher, Oswald GatesMarjorie GrunewaldMay 31, 1984
Elinore Crowley CooganWilliam E. BrandtMay 10, 1985
L. Gordon (father) and Larry G. SoderholmB. Rodney BertramsonMay 10, 1985
Walter P. and Enis WallaceLisa M. DonaldsonMay 8, 1985
Lester and Clair WinterLisa DonaldsonMay 10, 1985
Group: Donald E. Coogan and Wendell H. ClarkDavid SeamansMay 10, 1985
Lawrence GilesMarjorie GrunewaldMay 8, 1986
Harry E. GoldsworthyTerrence G. Popravak, Jr.May 8,1986
Rolf B. JorgensenGrant A. HarrisMay 8, 1986
Harold and Evelyn MillerB. Rodney BertramsonMay 9, 1986
Harvey H. OlsenB. Rodney BertramsonApril 28, 1986
Group 1: John B. Kinney and Richard O. MossDavid SeamansMay 8, 1986
Group 2: Mary "Peg" Hoenack, Dorothy Flynn, Ella A. FrantsenWilliam E BrandtMay 8, l986
Group: Kay Bell and Garry M. CameronRod Commons May 7, 1987
Roundtable: History of WSU Physics Program. Professors Band, Barker, Butler, Riggins 1970