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Helen and John F. Szablya

Papers, 1962-2004

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Helen and John F. Szablya donated this collection to the Washington State University Libraries between 2001 and 2007 (MS 2001-08, MS 2002-18, and MS 2007-11). It was processed in 2007 and 2008 by Nora L. Wiechert, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English, Washington State University.


Helen M. Bartha-Ková cs was born in 1934 in Budapest, Hungary. She married John F. Szablya (1924-2005) in 1951. John had graduated from József Nádor University in 1948 and while being employed by the Ganz Electrical Works also worked as a lecturer and research associate at his alma mater.

After the failed Hungarian uprising of 1956, Helen and John escaped from Hungary to Vienna. They then moved to Vancouver, Canada, and in 1957 John became an associate professor of electrical engineering at the University of British Columbia. In 1963, the Szablyas moved to Pullman, WA, where John was employed as a professor of electrical engineering at Washington State University (WSU). Helen graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management, and in 1976 received a B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures from WSU.

Over the next three decades, Helen and John Szablya lived and taught in several different countries, including Germany and Trinidad, finally settling in a suburb of Seattle, WA. Helen wrote Flame of a Dream, co-authored a commemorative play titled Hungary Remembered for the 30th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising, and published extensively in special interest publications such as Our Family, Inland Register, and the Hungarian Business Weekly. She served as the President of the Washington Press Association and as the Consul of the Republic of Hungary in the Pacific Northwest.

John became a full professor in 1965. During his tenure at WSU he was involved with the Electrical Power Research and Development Center (EPRDC) project, and spent several years abroad as a visiting professor at the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany and the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. After retiring from WSU, John went on to work in the electrical engineering field as a consultant, becoming the Manager of the Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Department for Ebasco in 1981.

Collection Description

This collection contains materials documenting the professional and personal activities of Helen and John Szablya, including correspondence and other manuscripts, printed material, and audio-visual media.

In the Container List below, folder titles have been transcribed from the original office folders; these transcribed titles are enclosed in quotation marks.

Deaccession note: some materials received with this collection were not retained for processing. Most of these, including Helen Szablya's files of clippings and Hungarian language materials, were transferred in 2009 to the American Hungarian Foundation in New Brunswick, NJ.

Collection Arrangement

The collection is arranged in five series; Series 1 through 4 are further divided into two or more subseries.

Series 1: Helen Szablya papers, 1968-2004

Series 2: John Szablya papers, 1962-2000

Series 3: Helen and John Szablya papers, 1963-2004

Series 4: Hungary International records, circa 1990s

Series 5: Hungary International video recordings (VHS), circa 1980s


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.

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The suggested citation for the collection is:

Helen and John F. Szablya papers, 1962-2004
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


Several languages are represented in this collection: English, Hungarian, German, and French.

Container List:

Box Folder Description
    Series 1: Helen Szablya papers, 1968-2004
    Subseries 1.1: Oral History Project, 1985-1986
    Collection of papers related to the Hungary Remembered project commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the failed 1956 Hungarian Uprising. Includes manuscript of theater piece that was performed on October 30, 1986 at Seattle University.
1 1 "30th Notes. Grant and Other." 35 pages of handwritten notes (addresses, to-do lists, etc).
  2 "Resumés 30th." Several copies of Helen and John Szablya resumes.
  3 "Mary Moore Museum." Correspondence with Vivian Elvidge, informational material about museum.
  4 "30 yr. Anniversary Play." Correspondence, lists, notes.
  5 "30th Other Assoc.-s." Photocopies of typed documents: Ronald Reagan's proclamation of 1986 October 23 as National Hungarian Freedom Fighters Day; World Federation of Hungarian Freedom Fighters' appeal to commemorate the 30th anniversary.
  6 "Addresses 30th." List of public libraries in WA.
  7 "Auditions 30th." Copy of call for audition, handwritten notes.
  8 "Wall Decorations Text Seattle U. in Pigott Aud." Print-outs of text, presumably captions accompanying photographs exhibited at the event; typescript account of an American woman living in Italy at the time of the uprising with her US Air Force husband; photocopy of proclamation by Mayor Charles Royer of October 1986 as "Freedom Month"; other documentation.
  9 "Corporate 30th." Informational material from philanthropic organizations and corporations. Includes address list.
  10 "Publicity 30th." Photocopies of articles and press releases covering the event; address lists; correspondence, including form letters; some handwritten letters and notes by H. Szablya.
  11 "30th Connections."
  12 "Resource-Promotion 30th." Correspondence regarding promotional efforts (mostly form letters); address lists; notes; related documentation.
  13 "Supporting Letters." Incoming correspondence from organizations expressing their general support (not financial) for the project.
  14 "Budget 30th." Budget projections (computer-generated report).
  15 "Grant Correspondence 30th."
  16 "Budget Dev. 30th." Budget calculations.
2 17 "Preliminary 30th." Copy of original grant proposal, including budget, curriculum vitae of participants and contributors.
  18 "Documentation 30th." Photocopies of documents, articles on Hungarian Revolution, copies of speeches by Joseph Koevago; some in Hungarian.
  19 "30th Articles." Correspondence and copies of articles sent to various magazines; rejection letters and H. Szablya's answers.
  20 "Correspondence 30th." Incoming correspondence from friends and colleagues regarding the project; outgoing correspondence to various participants and sponsors.
  21 "H.R. Marketing." Pamphlets and correspondence.
  22 "Actor Resumés." Resumes, some with photographs attached.
  23 "Grant Accounting." Budget and other accounting information.
  24-25 "Original Final Application WCH 30th." Application packet for Humanities Washington (WCH) grant.
  26 "Cost Sharing." Handwritten calculations of hours donated by volunteers, printed calculations, forms.
  27 "Final Budget."
  28 "Grant Application." Correspondence and notes from grant application process.
3 29 "Monostory Interview." Handwritten transcript of interview with Mr.and Mrs.Monostory.
  30 "Master: Final Report and Budget and Criticism." Copies of grant application, budget, and feedback.
  31 "HAAW." Copies of newsletter by Hungarian American Association of Washington, meeting minutes, correspondence, memoranda.
  32 "Bob Harmon 30th, S.U. Correspondence." Correspondence with Bob Harmon and Seattle University facilities operations, regarding project.
  33 "HIREK." Copies of Hungarian American Association of Washington (HAAW) newsletter.
  34 "Interviews-30th." Handwritten notes and letters, typed letters.
  35 "Freedom Foundation."
  36 "Edited copy of 1st act of Hungary Remembered."
  37 "Program Businesses 30th."
  38 "30th Original Play Kosin Keep." Copy of play with annotations.
  39-40 "Play Development 30th." Printout of play with annotations.
4 41 "Reading 30th. Invitations."
  42 "30th Vancouver." Correspondence regarding the construction of a memorial in Vancouver, B.C.
  43 "Barry and Marcey Corrections after Reading." Edited script.
  44 "1st Full Draft 'H.R.' pgs. not in order."
  45 "Play-2nd Draft."
  46 "3rd Draft Reading 30th."
  47 "Extra (Reading) Play."
  48 "Play Extra. 10/3/86." Copy of play.
  49 "Flyer for Oral History Consultations."
  50 "Play--Master File"
  51 "Script Used For Hungarian Translation." Copy of play.
  52 "Hungarian Translation Raw." Edited copy of script in Hungarian.
  53 "Emlékezünk Corrections Zoltàn and Mària Kramár. Edited Hungarian version."
  54 Highlighted copy of Hungary Remembered.
5 55 Hungary Remembered,Writers' Guild Copy
  56 Arts Line, July 1985
  57 "One Family's escape to Freedom," Lady's Circle, 1979 September, Vol. 16, no. 1.
  58 Literary achievement award certificate (photocopy), Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, 1979 July 26.
    Subseries 1.2: Writing, circa 1968-2004
  59 Hungary Remembered, Official script, English
  60 Hungary Remembered / Emlékezünk, Official script, Hungarian
  61-64 Flame of a Dream, Master 1 (pages 1-759)
6 65 Flame of a Dream, Master 1 (pages 760-813)
  66-72 Flame of a Dream, Revised Master. Includes photocopies of photographs, "Hope against Hope," and revised version of the manuscript.
7 73 Correspondence from Trinidad.
  74 Catholic News. Catholic newsletter.
  75 "1982-TR Drafts."
  76 "1983-TR Drafts."
  77 "1984-TR Drafts."
  78 "1985-TR Drafts."
  79 "1986-TR Drafts."
  80 "1987-TR Drafts."
  81 "Ave Maria."
  82 "The Catholic Answer."
8 83 "CDA" Catholic Daughters of America.
  84 "Crisis."
  85 "Hungarian Business Weekly."
  86-87 "Hungarian Business Weekly-Correspondence and Notes."
  88 "Hungarian Business Weekly-Copies of Column."
  89 "Inland Register."
  90 "Lady's Circle."
  91 "Our Family."
9 92-93 "Our Family."
  94 "Our Sunday Visitor."
  95 "The Progress."
  96 "The Seattle Times."
  97 "The Washington Christian."
  98 "Our Family A.B."
  99 "Marriage--Abortion when…"
    Subseries 1.3: Pregnancy counseling, circa 1972-1985
  100 "Abortion."
10 101-2 "Abortion II."
  103 "Abortion in Hungary." Correspondence and articles (typescripts) by H. Szablya.
  104 "Abortion Cikk. Seattle Times." Copy of article published in The Seattle Times, 1977 March 27, and correspondence with editor.
  105 "Baby Care."
  106 "Birth."
  107 "Birth Control."
  108 "Articles DES."
  109-10 "DREAM of ZPG COME TRUE." (Note: Contents do not all appear to be related to label.)
  111 "Dream of Zero Pop. Growth."
  112 "Abortion Articles."
11 113 "Abortion continued."
  114-15 "Pamphlets Fam. Pl. etc."
  116 "Pregnancy."
  117 "Pregnancy Counseling Service." Letterhead.
  118 "Pregnancy Counseling Counselors." Scheduling sheets, correspondence.
  119 "Lewiston." Copies of newsletter.
  120 "Preg. C. Minutes of Board Meeting." Pregnancy Counseling.
  121 "Preg. C. History and Misc. Preg. C." Correspondence, memos, handwritten notes, mailing list.
  122 "Pregnancy Counseling Newsletter."
  123 "Question Center." Documents regarding the WSU Question Center (info, application details).
  124 "PR.C. REPORT." Correspondence soliciting financial support and also response to concerns raised by one of the founding members (Rev. Bowman).
  125 "Pregnancy Counseling Talks." Newspaper articles.
  126 "PREG.C. TRAINING." Informational and training materials.
  127 "Volunteers." Newspaper articles.
  128 "Rape." Newspaper articles.
12 129 "Respect For Life." Copies of letters regarding "On-Demand Abortions."
  130 "Suicide." Newspaper articles.
  131 "Teen Mothers." Newspaper and magazine articles.
  132 "PR.C. Trinidad." Newspaper clippings, some from The Lewiston Tribune, others from a Catholic publication in Trinidad.
  133-34 "Talks."
  135-36 "Human Life Newsletter, 1975-83." [incomplete]
  137 "Statistics." Newspaper clippings.
  138 "Hungary and Germany"
  139 Human Life Newsletter, Catholic News, Correspondence.
13 140 "Court."
  141 "Sterilization."
  142 "Assorted Magazines and Articles."
  143 "Radio Free Europe--Reports." 1985.
  144 "Documents on Abortion, War and Third World Articles."
  145 Miscellaneous articles.
  146 Overhead slides. Handwritten slides (8 items).
  147 Life magazine, 1981 November.
  148 Chatelaine magazine, 1974 October.
  149 Genetic Engineering. Newspaper clippings, copy of Science Digest, 1980 March.
  150 "Ectopic." Article from About Issues on ectopic pregnancy, 1988 October.
  151 Article: "Hungary and Peace in Europe."
    Subseries 1.4: American Translators Association (ATA), 1988-1991
14 152 "ATA Conference Seattle 1988." Meeting notes, conference program, information about H. Szablya's panel presentation.
  153 "ATA Salt Lake City: ATA '91." Conference materials.
  154 "D.C. Conference." Conference materials, 1989.
  155-156 "ATA Publicity 1988." Conference program information and biographical information on presenters.
  157 "The ATA Chronicle." 1988 May through November; 1989 May and July.
  158 "Meetings--D.C.--N.Y. 1989." Photographs (3 items), business cards, copies of newsletter, correspondence (photocopies).
  159 "ATA New Orleans 1990." Correspondence, copies of article by H. Szablya.
    Subseries 1.5: American-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, circa 1990s
15 160-161 "Chicago-Seattle III 2-3." Form letters, some correspondence, facsimiles (some faded), brochures for other Hungarian-American Chambers of Commerce, materials for a "World Trade Club" breakfast, notes.
  162-163 "Pacific NW Hungarian-American Chamber of Commerce." Membership list; copy of "Articles of Incorporation" of the chamber of commerce; handwritten notes; member correspondence; newsletters from the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.
  164 "Given to David Hughes Code: 1-94." Correspondence, address lists.
  165 "L.A. Conference Oct. '92." Notes, program schedule, correspondence (some in Hungarian).
  166 "San Francisco '93 April 2-4." Correspondence with Eva Voisin regarding establishment of a national chamber; drafts of mission statement and organizational structure; items related to Hungary International.
  167 "Hungary's New Corporate Law: Entrepreneurship without Limits."
  168 "Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (Mar 3rd panel w/ Hungarian Delegation)."
  169 Miscellaneous.
  170 "Kraabel, Paul."
  171 "HAAW-Translations."
16 172-173 Miscellaneous.
  174-176 "Expo '96."
  177-178 "Expo 96 Materials."
  179 "Expo '95."
  180 "Expo 90 important."
  181 "Expo 90--follow up."
    Series 2: John Szablya papers, 1962-2000
    Subseries 2.1: Electrical Power Research and Development Center (EPRDC), 1962-1972
17 182 Prospectus of the Electrical Power Research and Development Center (EPRDC), by the EPRDC Steering Committee, 1965 November 15.
  183 Miscellaneous printed items.
  184 Mailing List, 1971 March 11.
  185-186 Proposal for H.E. Laboratory and Institution. correspondence and plans for development. Includes technical drawings, maps, "Tentative lay-out for high-power testing laboratory," 1962-1964.
  187 "Educational Programs for EPDRC." Correspondence, pamphlets, materials about Hanford laboratories, 1964.
  188 "Battelle Feasibility Survey (Fint)."
  189 "EPRDC--Personnel selection."
  190 Memorandum with data from adhesive testing.
  191 "EPDRC General Correspondence."
  192 "Inquiries – EPRDC Development."
  193 "University Participation."
  194 "1st NW Elec. Industry Representatives Meeting, Spokane, WSU Center, 8.27.1963." Meeting minutes, attendance record.
195 "2nd NW Elec. Industry Rep Meeting Spokane 1.16.1964."
18 196 "1st Steering Committee Meeting. Feb 26, 1964." List of members, notes, some correspondence.
  197 "2nd Steering Committee Meeting May 6, 1964." Meeting minutes, correspondence.
  198 "3rd Steering Committee Meeting Seattle July 7, 1964." Meeting minutes; correspondence.
  199 "4th Steering Committee Meeting Dec 2, 1964." Meeting minutes, memoranda, invitation to meeting in New York, 1965 February 4.
  200 "Steering Committee Meeting Oct 11-12 1965." Agenda, correspondence.
  201-208 "EPRDC--Other Laboratories Feb. '67. I." Brochures, material about other test facilities, including Beskudnikovo, Moret-sur-Loing, Fontenay aux Roses, Chalfont PA, Heidelberg, Arnhem.
19 210 "EPRDC--Publicity April '66." (continued)
  211 "EPRDC--PROSPECTUS-MASTER. May. 1. 1966." Mailing list, master copy of project proposal.
  212-213 "HPTRC [High Power Test and Research Center]. Prospectus Rev. and Site analysis. Fall. 1971." Notes; copy of proposal for "High Power Test and Research Center," a supplement to the May 1, 1966 EPRDC prospectus; correspondence, diagrams, maps and photographs (photocopies).
  214-216 "EPRDC--Reports by various ERC Committees." Reports, 1966-1968.
  217-218 "EPRDC--Reactor Design Fall '65." Technical drawings; "Study on Current Control Reactors for EPRDC"; "Research and Special Problems Report" by Rallin Larson.
  219 "EPRDC--Synthetic C't New Circuit approach Spring 1967." Drawing (photocopy).
  220 "EPRDC--Synthetic C't Bibliography." Correspondence, bibliographies for J. Szablya's paper "Bibliography on High Power Testing by Compound (Synthetic) Methods (Up to 1966)," presented at the IEEE Winter Power Meeting in 1968.
  221 "EPRDC--Site selection Nov.1966." Photographs and topographical maps.
  222 "EPRDC--Slides (Notes, correspondence, etc.) Nov. '67." Technical drawings, tables with figures.
  223 "Through Fault General File." Correspondence; contract proposal; pamphlets.
  224 "EPRDC Transformer through fault." Items related to transformer short-circuit test criteria, 1970.
  225 "EPRDC--Standards."
20 226-227 "EPRDC Transformers and Reactor Specifications." Figures, tables, calculations.
  228 "EPRDC--Ways and Means 'Confidential Data Sheets' Springs '68. Assets of companies and organizations."
  229-231 "EPRDC--Ways and Means Visitation Program Fall '67." Correspondence and photographs of the Steering Committee, 1967-1969
  232-233 "EPRDC Ways and Means Second Phase Sept.12.1969." Mailing lists, meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, notes, cost estimates, model for acquisition and operation of EPDRC.
  234 "EPRDC--White Paper June 1967." Meeting minutes, mailing lists, correspondence, cost and revenue estimates.
  235 "EPRDC--Wanapum Prospectus Summer 1965." Prospectus and correspondence.
  236 "EPRDC. Wide bound ampl'r. Instrumentation Tests. July '64." Computer-generated reports, photographs.
21 237 "URD. 'Development of Components Specifically for URD Use.'"
  238 "EPRDC--Current 1969-." "Major Utilities in the Area" (list); correspondence.
  239 "Non-Current." Correspondence, list of electric utilities and their assets, other items relating to project planning.
  240-241 "1968 and earlier." Correspondence.
  242 "EPRDC Prospect." Correspondence.
  243 "Hydro-Quebec." Correspondence.
  244 "Canadian Participation in EPRDC."
  245 Miscellaneous.
  246 "Grand Coulee As A Site For EPRDC." Study report.
  247-48 "EPRDC-Szablya and Lewis APC and IEEE Conference Paper, Spring 1967."
  249 "EPRDC--Bonding, Taxes, Organization Spring '69." Correspondence.
22 250 "EPRDC--Correspondence. 1973 up to Aug. 31. 1974."
  251 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1972 to Dec. 31. 1972." Letters, brochures, memoranda.
  252-53 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1971 to Dec. 31. 1971." Letters, brochures, memoranda.
  254-56 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1970 to Dec. 31. 1970." Letters, brochures, memoranda.
  257 "EPRDC--Prospectus."
  258 "Materials sent to Mr. Backert--March 1968."
  259 "Proposal to WSU regarding the operation of EPRDC."
  260 "EPRDC--Revised Prospectus--Dec. 1964."
  261 "EPRDC--Misc." Correspondence and printed materials.
  262 "Grand Coulee Dam Environmental Planning--June 1968."
23 263 "ECR study of the proposed high power test and research center, Oct. 1970."
  264 "EPRDC Steering Committee Meeting, July 1970."
  265 "Misc. printed materials and correspondence, 1970-72."
  266 "First draft of discussion with Steering Committee on Power Center, May 1964."
  267 "Misc. Correspondence, 1965."
  268-270 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1969 to Dec. 31. 1969."
  271-272 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1968 to Dec. 31. 1968."
  273-275 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1967 to Dec. 31. 1967."
24 276-277 "EPRDC--Correspondence. Jan 1. 1966 to Dec. 31. 1966."
  278 "EPRDC Correspondence prior to and through 1965." Correspondence, notes, maps, photographic negatives and prints labeled "Grand Coulee, EPRDC sites, Sept. 1965."
  279-280 "EPRDC--Coulee Prospectus Technical Data Nov.'65-Apr.'66." Correspondence, technical drawings, maps (photocopies), budget calculations, output calculations, material description and application pamphlets, artist's conception drawing of the project site and facility.
  281-282 "EPRDC--Coulee Prospectus Correspondence Nov.'65-Apr.'66." Correspondence, outlines of planned facility and its capabilities, notes, charts, photographs for artist's conception; copy of House Document No.142 by the 89th Congress, 1st Session.
25 283 "EPRDC--Canadian part. April '66." Correspondence and pamphlets.
  284 "HPTRC. Executive Committee Fall 1970." Steering Committee document about possible involvement in establishing a High Power Test and Research Center (HPTRC).
  285 "EPRDC--French Visit Sept. 16-17.1968."
  286 "EPRDC--Graduate Research Center Early 1972." Project outline.
  287 "EPRDC--Hydro Quebec Research Institute." IREQ brochure, technical drawings; items about operation of the Institute.
  288 "EPRDC--Initial Phase design (8M$) (Technical Data) Oct.1966." Correspondence, meeting minutes, notes, technical drawings.
  289 "Hydro Quebec Preliminary Project, Feb. 1967."
  290-291 "EPRDC--Instrumentation 1964." Brochure for EPRDC, dated May 1, 1966; correspondence; notes (photocopies); price lists for instruments; tables (photocopies).
  292 "EPRDC--Maps and aerial photos." Circuit diagrams; photographs of the proposed project site and models of the proposed facility; other photographs; maps, 1966-1971.
26 293 "EPRDC--Maps and aerial photos." (continued)
  294 "EPRDC--Management by WSU. Fall 1969."
  295 "EPRDC--Milwaukee Meeting. Jan. 7. 1965."
  296 "EPRDC--Obsolete Rosters, Nov. 1967."
  297 EPRDC--Miscellaneous.
    Subseries 2.2: Personal and professional papers, circa 1990s-2000
  298 "Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings."
  299 "Electrical Engineering Experiment Designs."
  300 "Energy Conversion Basics."
  301 "IEEE 2000."
  302 "UW – EE." Teaching materials.
    Principles and Practices of Engineering Examination
  303 "P.E. General materials."
27 304 "P.E. Alaska."
  305 "P.E. B.C."
  306 "P.E. California."
  307 "P.E. Colorado."
  308 "P.E. FEANI."
  309 "P.E. Idaho."
  310 "P.E. Montana."
  311 "P.E. Ontario."
  312 "P.E. Oregon."
  313 "P.E. Utah."
  314 "P.E. Washington."
  315 "P.E. Wyoming."
  316 "Cable Impedance Computer Programs."
  317 "Former Students."
  318 "Research Report 'Solar Energy and Peak Load Consideration.'"
319 "'Sun Position Program'--Photocopy of calculations, diagrams, and other figures."
  320 "Opportunities in Ea. Eu. Seminar and S.B.A. Fair."
  321 "Goodwill Trade Fair."
  322 "Hungary Start '90--Environment."
  323 "Notes--Summer '91."
28 324 "Discover Hungary."
  325 "Discover Hungary Personal Notes."
    Series 3: Helen and John Szablya papers, 1963-2004
    Subseries 3.1: Correspondence and information about the Szablya Family, 1963-2004
  326 Correspondence from "Marriage" newspaper clippings file.
  327 Correspondence from "Rev.Sev" newspaper clippings file.
  328 Personal correspondence from "Hungary 1985-86 Private" newspaper clippings file.
  329 Private correspondence.
  330 Christmas letters, 1963-2004
  331 Newspaper clippings with notes from "Hungary Clippings" file.
  332 "About Us." Articles and other items about Helen and John Szablya.
  333-334 "About Us." Newspaper clippings.
  335 Entries from Árpád Akademia Annals (photocopies).
    Subseries 3.2: Nguyen Family, circa 1970s
    Correspondence between the Szablya family and the Nguyen family, and printed materials about the Nguyen family's resettlement.
29 336 "Mung Letters." Correspondence with the Nguyen family (Christmas cards, typescripts, 1970-1975; correspondence with David and Saralou Seamans, who co-sponsored the Nguyen family's evacuation from Guam.
  337 "Mung Letters II." Correspondence, material about the Crossroads Student Center in Chicago; Pullman high school graduation materials, 1975-1978.
  338 "Mung Cikkek." Photographs (negatives) of Mung's arrival in Pullman; correspondence with Pearl S. Buck regarding Mung's story; Helen Szablya's articles from the Inland Register; Pullman Herald article about the Nguyens's arrival in 1975; correspondence, 1975-1981.
  339 "Mung Articles." Articles from local newspaper and U.S. News and World Report.
  340 "Resettlement." Information about the Indochinese Resettlement Project in Spokane, WA.
  341 "Resettle Mung."
  342 "Vietnam Articles." Newspaper clippings.
  343 "Vietnam." Newspaper clippings, map, correspondence with Catholic missionaries.
    Series 4: Hungary International records, circa 1990s
    Subseries 4.1: Hungary International (complete file of publication), 1990-1993
30 344 Hungary International, vol. I, no.1-vol. II, no.11/12
  345 Hungary International, vol. III, no.1-vol. III, no.11/12
    Subseries 4.2: Hungary International, correspondence, circa 1990s
  346 "HI Ad Flyer Master"
  347 "Refunds and Subscribers"
  348 "Refunds 4 1-2"
  349 "Newsletter and Mail"
  350 "Newsletter Correspondence (Subscription Information)"
  351 "Ads. Neg. Response"
  352 "HI Ad-soliciting"
  353 "Newsletter Ads--Solicited"
  354 "Waiting for word from Szegedi's Ads"
  355 "Newsltr copyright"
  356 "Newsltr Column"
  357 "Codes"
  358 "Newsletter--Legislator's Mail List"
  359 "Newsletter Marketing"
  360 "Newsltr. Pricing"
  361 "Newsltr. Sponsors"
31 362 "Newsletter Advertisers"
  363 "Campaign, HI"
  364 "Colliers"
  365 "Dun and Bradstreet"
  366 "Kempinski"
  367 "HI Proposal for Support"
  368 "Newsltr. 3rd Issue"
  369 "Newltr. (4)"
  370 "Nwsltr number 5"
  371 "Vol. 2 number 6"
  372 "Vol. II number 8"
  373 "Vol. II 9"
  374 "Generic issue (July)"
  375 "Newsltr 2nd issue"
  376 "Volume 2, number 11-12"
  377 "Volume II number 10"
  378 "Vol. III number 1"
32 379 "Vol. III number 2"
  380 "Vol. 3 number 3"
  381 "Vol. 3 number 4-5"
  382 "Vol. 3 number 6-7"
  383 "Vol. 3 number 8-9"
  384-385 "HI Vol. III No. 10"
  386 "Source HVG 3 11-12"
  387 "HI Vol. III No. 11,12"
  388 "AMEX"
  389 "EA.EU. Newsltrs."
  390 "East West Business and Trade"
  391 "Haydu-Maosz Lengyel"
33 392 "Malev"
  393 "Mark Brochures"
  394 "CO List (sent to Hungary)"
  395 "Publicity"
  396 "Publicity Addresses"
  397 "Newsltr. Resources for selling"
  398 "Hungary Today Hyundai"
  399 "MTI-Hungarian Review"
  400 "MTI"
  401 "Benkö Sándor"
  402 "BP Sun"
  403 "Lists"
  404 "ANPA Am-Hung Press 1990"
  405 Miscellaneous
  406 "Edöcsény, Andràs; 'First Catholic College in Hungary, 1990s'"
    Series 5: Hungary Remembered video recordings (VHS), circa 1980s
34   Hungary Remembered video tapes (VHS), circa 1980s