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Cage 113
Carl William Sharsmith
Papers, 1937-1939

The papers of Carl W. Sharsmith (b. 1903) were transferred to the Washington State University Library in 1975 from the W.S.U. Ownbey Herbarium. The papers were arranged and indexed by Robert Catale in February 1976 and further description was added by Lawrence Stark in June 1976.

Number of Containers: 1
Linear Feet of Shelf Space: .5
Approximate Number of Items: 360


Carl William Sharsmith was born in New York, New York in 1903. He studied botany at the University of California in the 1930s and received the Ph.D. in 1940. He held a position combining duties as herbarium curator and botany instructor at Washington State University from 1937 to 1939. From 1940 to 1946 he was with the University of Minnesota, and from 1950 onward at San Jose State College. His principal interest was in alpine vegetation.

Sharsmith's years at Washington State proved to be a frustrating time. He found himself required to teach many classes, while also attempting to complete a doctoral dissertation and administer a herbarium with a large backlog of work. He inadvertently became involved in a quarrel with the university administration when the University President cancelled planned field trips. He also felt a sense of isolation at Pullman, where he was far from the alpine vegetation which held his major interest. Moreover, the lack of cultural opportunities, especially performances of serious music, added to this feeling of isolation. After two years he left this position. Ironically, many of the problems which had vexed him, and which had also prompted his immediate predecessors to leave Washington State, were then alleviated by changes in the policies regarding research, teaching, and administration of the herbarium.


Sharsmith's papers consist of his correspondence, mostly relative to work at the university herbarium, and his lists of the botanical specimens he collected while at Washington State University. The correspondence is arranged in a chronological sequence, with the botanical collection lists in a separate folder. An index to the correspondents has been compiled.


Folder   Description # of
1   193740
2   1938175
3   1939140
4Lists of Specimens Collected, 1937-193913 p.
Additional material received Aug. 29, 1982
   Correspondence with C.C. Todd and E.O. Holland, 19393
   Correspondence with J.W. Thompson, 19389


Correspondent Folders
Alm, Carl G.3
Adams, Ed1,3
Allen, Jessie M.1,3
Andres, Heinrich2
Artman, C.E.3
Arwidsson, Th.3
Bacigalupi, Rimo2,3
Ball, Carleton R.1
Barkely, Fred A.2,3
Barnard, Frank T.1
Beath, O.R.1
Benjamin, Curtis G.2
Benson, Lyman1,2,3
Betka, R.G.2
Binns, John H.3
Blake, Sidney F.1,2,3
Bokforlags Aktiebolaget Thule2
Boner, Luana3
Bonestell and Co.2
Brewrink, Captain P.1,2,3
Bright, John1,2,3
Caldwell, E.J.3
Carter, Annetta2
Chase, Agnes1,2
Coleman, Edith A.3
Constance, Lincoln1,2,3
Daubenmire, Rexford F.2,3
Davies, Una3
Davis, Ray J.2,3
Detling, Leroy E.1,3
Epling, Carl C.1,2,3
Ewan, Joseph2,3
Eyerdam, Walter J.2
Fassett, Norman C.2
Freese, Carl R.3
Ferris, Roxana S.3
Fiker, Charles2,3
Freeman, O.W.2
Gierisch, Ralph K.2
Gleason, H.A.3
Gould, Frank W.3
Green, W.J.2,3
Greenman, J.M.2,3
Hamblen, Frances G.2,3
Harwell, C.A.2
Hassler, Mildred2,3
Helgeson, E.A.2
Hermann, F.J.2,3
Hermann, Elizabeth McKay2
Hitchcock, C. Leo1,2,3
Hoagland, Henry V.2
Hoffman, W.V.2
Holland, Ernest O.2,add.
Hoover, Robert F.3
Howell, John Thomas1,2,3
Hysslop, G.2
Jeffers, D.S.3
Johnson, A.M.2,3
Johnston, Ivan M.2
Keck, David D.2
Killip, E.P.3
Klastersky, Ivan2,3
Kulin, Arthur3
Lemmon, Paul E.2,3
Leonard, Lewis Y.3
Levan, Albert3
Lewis, C.1
Lewis, Clarence McK.1
Looff, Ethel H.2
Maguire, Bassett2,3
Marie-Victorin, Frere1,2,3
Mason, Herbert L.1,2,3
Mathias, Mildred see Hassler, Mildred
Maxon, W.R.2,3
Merriam, W.B.2
Merrill, George M.3
Morrison, B.Y.2
Moss, E.H.3
Muencher, W.C.2,3
Munz, Phillip H.2,3
Nail, Jack R.1
Nelson, Aven2,3
Otis, Jean3
Ownbey, Marion1,2,3
Peck, Morton E.1,2,3
Pennell, Francis W.2,3
Pool, Raymond J.3
Reed, Merton J.3
Rossbach, George B.2,3
Rouleau, Ernest2,3
Samuelsson, G.2,3
St. John, Harold2
Scheffer, Theodore H.2,3
Simmons, Jennie2
Slipp, A.W.1
Sloanaker, J.L.2,3
Smith, Charles Piper2,3
Smith, Harold2
Smith, L.B.3
Spencer Lens Co.2
Stacey, J.W.2
Stebbins, G. Ledyard Jr.1,2
Strechert (G.E.) and Co.3
Tees, Grace M.2
Thompson, J.W.add.
Todd, C.C.add.
Townsend, Edward C.1
Travis, Mildred T.3
Weatherby, Charles A.2,3
Weigle, W.G.1,2
Wiegand, Kenneth M.1,2
Weldert, Virginia3
Westmore, Hal G.3
Wherry, Edgar T.2
Wilson, Carrie3
Wittrock, G.L.3
Wolf, C.B.3